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its here! video number one from farmstead meatsmith

Posted: November 21 2011

watch it here.

from FSMS and Farmrun: Here marks our official release of the first episode in On the Anatomy of Thrift: Pork provender in the home kitchen., a multiple part series celebrating the abundance of traditional pork slaughter, butchery and cookery.
This episode is on 'Side Butchery', the foundational art to ensuring all parts of the carcass are treated equally, efficiently and elegantly.
We hope you enjoy the film and that it inspires you to fill your kitchen with the new/old ways of harvesting that allow both economy and decadence to dance in your skillets.   Oh, and do pass on the good news if you feel lead.  You can direct your friends to anatomyofthrift.com.  Bon Appetit.
vashon, wa