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homemade tractors on NPR

Posted: February 20 2012

some fresh press for the Open Source Ecology Project, always inspirational.

Building A Village Starts With Building The Tractor
by Jon Kalish for NPR
Do-it-yourselfers have made everything from bamboo bicycles to 3-D printers, but nothing as ambitious as what's happening on a farm in northwest Missouri where tractors and other industrial machines are being made from scratch.
Marcin Jakubowski earned a Ph.D. in physics, and his doctoral thesis deals with velocity turbulence and zonal flow detection, whatever that is. But when Jakubowski graduated in 2004, he wanted nothing to do with physics or academia.
"I was so disillusioned and disenchanted with that whole world, I wanted to leave it as soon as possible," says the 39-year-old Jakubowski. "So the first thing I did after graduation is settle on some land and started getting dirty."
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