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dandy doodles at heritage foods

Posted: February 16 2010

Decades ago, Dan or Dandy Doodles were one of the country-cured meats delivered to folks throughout rural Southside Virginia. A Dan Doodle (or Tom Thumb) is a unique, hickory-smoked sausage in a natural casing sourced from the lower intestine of the pig, that is still sold today, mostly in rural areas.
S. Wallace Edwards & Sons and his team bring in 72% lean trim from Heritage pigs and grind it. They add a secret Edwards’ blend of herbs and spices and let it ferment in tubs for two days in a 38 degree cooler. The grind is then stuffed into natural hog casings that come from the last section of the pig’s lower intestine. These are then placed back in the cooler for another two to three days. Then Dandy Doodles are taken to the smoke house where they are hickory smoked for 18-24 hours. Then they are chilled and placed in plastic wrap and shipped to you.
Just cut into slices and fry like sausage patties...or cook as seasoning meat for collard greens or green beans. Or you can simply boil it in salted water until heated through, remove, then add cabbage into the water and cook that down until soft.
Dan Doodles are packaged individually and weigh 1.5lbs each. Available for delivery Thursday and Friday.
Order Three 1.5lbs pieces - $60 including shipping
Order Six 1.5lbs pieces - $99 including shipping
Order Nine 1.5lbs pieces - $135 including shipping
Order Twelve 1.5lbs pieces – $162 including shipping
Order Here from the good folks at Heritage Foods


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