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electronic civil disobedience

Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) is a collective of five tactical media practitioners of various specializations including computer graphics and web design, film/video, photography, text art, book art, and performance. We think their art is pretty sweet. Check out their website for more posters, and some videos of their performances.

Posted: September 1 2010
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if you can't make it to the Chautauqua in Maine

.. there's a train accessible farm based art festival! The Wassaic Project Summer Festival @ the Maxon Mills + Luther Auction Barn 37 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic, NY August 13th - 15th, 2010 noon-midnight, every day WHAT: The Wassaic Project Summer Festival is a free, annual, multi-disciplinary celebration of art, music, and community in the […]

Posted: August 5 2010
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agrarian art

these posters, notecards, calendars are exquisitely simple and moving. the artist makes all of her work using only poster paper and the power of an exacto knife! Nikki McClure

Posted: August 4 2010
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archive of MOFGA posters. heaven.

check them out HERE

Posted: July 28 2010
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artists moving barns around we could use some help painting some young farmer barns! I know there must be a cool 'this american life' episode on the nomadic crews of southern barn painters-- they come north with spray-nozzle paint applicators and cheaply maintain many of the lovely barns in our landscape. can someone send me a video or […]

Posted: July 24 2010
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why it makes sense to make culture from sunshine when the downturn spins down, art pays for it our revolution must be powered by photosynthesis, at least mostly

Posted: July 17 2010
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starting farming

this poster says it all

Posted: July 3 2010
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our gear on chowhound!

Many of you have been asking when our set of posters would be available again.  They're officially for sale now,  and we've added a fourth poster - "your trusty steed" - to the beautiful set designed for us by Brooke Budner. Chowhound is featuring these posters as part of their summer gift guide, and you […]

Posted: June 21 2010
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the beehive project

another great happening in Detroit, MI - the Beehive Project The Beehive Project is a large-scale installation by an interdisciplinary community of artists and thinkers in Detroit. The group’s inaugural project, a human-sized beehive sculpture, will function as a gathering space for informal, critical conversation during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (May 29-31, 2010). The […]

Posted: June 14 2010
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circus for a fragile planet

on September 19, they'll be at NOFA Taste ARTFARM, a Middletown, Connecticut based non-profit organization which creates high quality theater with a commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, has launched a unique and exciting touring circus. Imagine a circus in which actors juggle bottled water, polar bears dance on melting ice floes, the props […]

Posted: June 8 2010
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radical agrarians in italy

At download the pollinaria tour pdf which is full of more beautiful photos. Pollinaria is a concept of regeneration for the agrarian environment, a radical and composite organism designed to distill the essence of a new rural archetype. Concentric fields of study and action shape a constantly evolving system through art, science, agriculture and […]

Posted: June 1 2010
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Check out this art from Green Patriot Posters

Posted: May 26 2010
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All these crazy re- inventors! Thanks to Helen for pointing us to, a swanky site which "addresses traditional and developing relationships between the arts and farming, with a specific interest in supporting educators looking to incorporate the arts into their farm or garden-based teaching."

Posted: May 22 2010
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may day flash mob

Celebrate May Day at SOMArts on Saturday, May 1, 2010 from 12 to 5 p.m. Let's prepare the gardens for summer arts programming. We'll to some weeding, leveling/laying pavers, beating back the bamboo brush, cutting limbs, general upkeep, & maybe even install a drip irrigation system. Light refreshments provided. SOMArts 934 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94123 this […]

Posted: April 26 2010
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a plug for little city gardens

Their kickstarter campaign could use another little boost!  Little City Gardens is the new project of our tireless artist Brooke Budner and her business partner Caitlyn Galloway. Your pledge supports a terrific project and you can get some beautiful offerings in exchange, depending on how much you give.  Seed packets, posters, a beautiful zine, and […]

Posted: April 8 2010
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return of landscape

An exhibit at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin featuring the work of Alex S. MacLean.  Images of his are in our film. Glorious landscape shots of agricultural areas. The 20th-century city was built in opposition to the landscape. The ecological consequences of this have been climate change, a shortage of water, and the loss […]

Posted: March 24 2010
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ida weygandt photography

Our friend Ida has a solo show in Hudson, NY, opening this weekend. Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, New York from March 11th-April 18th Opening reception is this Saturday, March 13th 6-8pm. WALKING HOME In the large format photographs presented in this exhibit, Ida Weygandt uses the landscape to expand on her themes of interior world […]

Posted: March 8 2010
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verge art fair

this weekend in New York. Particularly, Carissa Carmen. She also managed the Waterpod living systems team, and sent along this notice about Verge: come see my french language long johns! I will be arriving in NYC this weekend to host a  site-specific gallery, chashama: wildspace, Room 407 Dylan Hotel

Posted: March 4 2010
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of the land

New Exhibition of Photography by Rachel Barrett Baxter & Cook Art Advisors is pleased to announce "Of the Land" the first solo exhibition and the West Coast debut of New York-based photographer Rachel Barrett. Through her photographs we enter into the cohesive intricacy of relationships that exist in Bolinas, the love of and responsibility for the […]

Posted: February 25 2010
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waterpod's return to land

Stop by and visit Waterpod: Autonomy and Ecology exhibit at Exit Art Underground Jan. 9- Feb. 6 Take a look at our events throughout the exhibit, all taking place at Exit Art at 475 Tenth Ave at 36th Street.

Posted: January 18 2010
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bread and puppet in a new configuration, in town tonight!

at Time & Space Limited in Hudson, NY Hi Friends and Fans of TSL. This  Friday night Jan. [email protected] 7:30pm Puppets/music/creative use of the simple things---(like cardboard??? Wow!!) THE SAME OLD BALONY SHOW will be at TSL. YES!!! ONE night only. This young group of theater people (Old Reliable Amusement Company) is touring the North […]

Posted: January 15 2010
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seed library catalog

from our friends at the hudson valley seed library: Our Full 2010 Seed Catalog is now online! New for 2010 This year we have expanded our offerings, printed more packs, and grown and processed more of our own seed. We now have three kinds of seed packs to help our customers distinguish between our seed […]

Posted: January 11 2010
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not to be missed.

Chautauqua i was utterly utterly bedazzled. What marvelous thespians. Greenhorns want an act in the variety show when it goes on tour

Posted: January 10 2010
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artist residency program

from our friends in Wassaic. We are very pleased to announce the creation of: The Wassaic Project Artist Residency! Please help us spread the word as we place our open call and forward this info to artists you know. The Wassaic Project Artist Residency summer program hosts eleven artists to live and work for four […]

Posted: January 7 2010
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alice waters has a new website

to buy old posters:

Posted: January 7 2010
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leave it to the europeans

do have a design charette for their organic logo. much more suave that the good o'le lazer horizon at the usda.

Posted: December 15 2009
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punk alper

(Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy) these are the alp nations. and in the little alpen valleys are fantastic off-grid ecology projects sponsored by the government of those nations as a 'test case'. Its a wonderful place to check out, and no better way than as a farmer, or "alper" as they are called. The community of alps […]

Posted: December 10 2009
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rural alabama

Mockbee is a late great genius concerned with the dignity of rural architecture and rural people. He made ultra modern green buildings for clients in the deep south,  and took his practice to the logical conclusion by building practically for free.

Posted: December 9 2009
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opening @ mixed greens

The opening already happened, but the show is up until December 12! @ Mixed Greens Gallery Mixed Greens is pleased to announce Kimberley Hart’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. In Scout,<!-- Hart expands on her previous use of narrative to reveal a new chronicle in her alter ego’s saga—one of vigilance and fortitude against […]

Posted: November 18 2009
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slideluck potshow xiv

The world's biggest potluck dinner returns to NYC. (and greenhorns will be there...) WHAT: Slideluck Potshow, just named one of the NEWYork100 most innovative, rule-breaking, model-changing ideas to come out of NYC, is a slideshow and a potluck to which members of the arts and photography communities bring food, drinks, and submit a maximum of […]

Posted: November 8 2009
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lucas foglia photography

Lucas is the lovey of Annie of the rooftop. He takes pictures of wilderness buffs-- especially buff ones with arrows and feathers and fern gully fierceness. They came for a visit to the farm and we looked at the bullcalfs up on the hillside.

Posted: November 5 2009
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fabulous quilted maps

you know we love maps... this is via Brooklyn Based Remember when you were a kid, and you threw blankets over chairs to make tents? Emily Fischer did that too, but she didn’t think of them as a place to hide. She was creating peaks and valleys — topography — because what she saw was […]

Posted: October 9 2009
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alex maclean photography

quite stunning photography here. Be sure to check out the "Growing" Portfolio. And there is a new book. Over: The American Landscape at the Tipping Point Alex MacLean’s aerial photographs have captured the evolution of the American landscape and the complex relationship between its natural and constructed environments that contribute to climate change. Over: The […]

Posted: October 6 2009
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Graphic design bounty!

for all your nostalgic and strategic communications needs. Seed Catalogs from Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Posted: October 1 2009
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lily piel photography

a shout-out to greenhorns friend & brilliant photographer Lily Piel up in Maine!   We'll be using Lily's photos on the blog periodically.  See more of her photos at Lily was raised in rural Vermont. Her father was a gardener and grew vegetables in the backyard for their family of 8. After studying history at […]

Posted: September 23 2009
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dirt palace update

here's the latest from Dirt Palace: Dirt Palace enthusiasts, there is a you shaped hole in our heart. We never talk anymore. We barely feel like you know us. Allow us to infuse a glimmer of recognition into your cold, dead eyes via regaling you with updates of our most recent and most imminent goings […]

Posted: September 23 2009
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don't perish

EAT WELL BRING FOOD Potluck Dinners every Tuesday & Saturday Eve Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte 541 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10011 The metaphors linking food and art are abundant. They persist: the ideas of sustenance versus subsistence, to satiate concomitant with nourishment, to simply serve, or to present. Don’t Perish posits the […]

Posted: September 9 2009
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introducing the blightee

This comes to us via our good friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Greetings! Do you have the blight blues? We do. And we've decided to do something about it! We're biting back with our new Blightee. Many of we tomato-loving farmers and gardeners are devastated this August. During a month that ordinarily finds […]

Posted: August 22 2009
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greenhorns art - miranda currie

Greenhorn & artist Miranda Currie sent us some of her whimsical artwork recently, and we love it.  Here's a note from Miranda about her work and inspiration. I currently work as a farm apprentice and artist-in-residence at a small farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. My step-sister, Willow Hein, began […]

Posted: August 9 2009
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art, architecture, urban ag, greenhorns.

we're interested in the weaving together of these things.  Several past & ongoing exhibits explore them, including our own Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina, which was up in April & May in San Francisco. this rad image is from Farmadelphia, a proposal for the transformation of Philadelphia by the architects at Front Studio. CURRENT Radical Nature […]

Posted: July 27 2009
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