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nice letterpress man gave us some tips

we'll share them with you all.  THANK YOU CARRIE, our letter press is working and lovely.  BOOKS: INTAGLIO: Practical Guide to Etching and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques / (ISBN 10: 0486251659 / ISBN 13: 9780486251653 ) / Manly Banister / Published by Dover, might be out of print LETTERPRESS: "General Printing, An illustrated Guide to Letterpress Printing" Cleeton, Pitkin & Cornwell / Liber Apertus […]

Posted: August 10 2012
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the nicest biodynamic crayons

And a nice family that distributes them right here in Columbia County, NY. Meadowsweet Naturals - Stick Crayons

Posted: August 6 2012
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a tree map, for your enjoyment

view the high res image here; from the folks at nasa

Posted: July 12 2012
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young farmer slideshow

check out a crop of sassy, tan-shouldered young farmers from coast to coast -- hot off the press at -- Photos courtesy of To learn more, check out FarmPlate's young farmers profile series.

Posted: June 22 2012
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farmrun, at your service

[vimeo=] our good friend, andrew plotsky:

Posted: June 14 2012
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HYper local young farmer project = deserves attention

This is a traveling exhibit about the young farmers of the Hudson Valley. Photos and narratives about how they succeeded. It is a hyper local WONDERFUL project that is directly working to change the local story about agriculture. What champions. New Farmer Narrative Project Kickoff!  Friday, May 18th, 4-7pm Opening Reception @ Chatham Real Food […]

Posted: May 18 2012
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Rural places, extractive economies, the complicated realities that are beautifully here images, by Lucas Foglia.  

Posted: May 13 2012
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for those times when you are feeling sorry for yourself

..consider the pastoralists of mongolia (images a la Eric Valli):

Posted: May 11 2012
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new farmer narrative

Friday, May 18, 4-7pm: Opening Reception for the New Farmer Narrative Project’s Journey into Farming exhibit at the Chatham Real Food Market Co-op (15 Church Street, Chatham, NY). This traveling exhibit highlights the journeys, stories and experiences of 20 new farmers in Columbia County through a photo- and story-based display. The project is based on interviews and farm tours conducted by […]

Posted: May 6 2012
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the land grant!

Posted: April 4 2012
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political posters - wonderful!

 an exhibit, a book, an ipad app.  About the explosion of community spirit, institution building, and autonomous-thinking that characterized the free speech movement, and beyond. More images HERE The “All Of Us Or None” (AOUON) archive project was started by Free Speech Movement activist Michael Rossman in 1977 to gather and document posters of […]

Posted: April 2 2012
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Posted: March 29 2012
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social practice: land, food, water, and energy

Kickoff event: APRIL 21 at the Broad Art Museum at MSU Taking place in the former Barnes and Nobles space on Grand River, this event is part symposium, part Town Hall discussion forum, and part community celebration. The space: The Barnes and Nobles building (formerly the Jacobson’s department store) is a major economic and development site […]

Posted: March 24 2012
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boating, farming, hacking

What a life! Lovely to see our friend emmet again, usually in the best places. Check it out: Voyage of the Libertatia  

Posted: March 13 2012
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pattern language pattern language

inspiration from AGRICULTURAL TEXTILES - Brought to you by the  Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Posted: March 2 2012
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new work by matthew moore

Phoenix Art Museum - Marshall and Hendler Galleries / February 11 - June 12, 2012 / Opening Reception with Artist Talk: Wednesday, February 15th, 5-8pm  You may think that you know Matt Moore’s work: the spectacular projects on his family’s farm, which used the scale of fields to explore the legacy of Land Art and the suburbanization. […]

Posted: February 19 2012
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weeds are growing up!

Mona Caron - Weeds They may be tiny yet they push through concrete. They are everywhere and yet unseen. But the more they get stepped on, the stronger they grow back. This is a series of hidden mural paintings of weeds, created as a tribute to all those renegade beings who, like weeds, no one […]

Posted: February 8 2012
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a most magical place

Headlands Center for the Arts Headlands Center for the Arts provides an unparalleled environment for the creative process and the development of new work and ideas. Through artists' residencies and public programs, we offer opportunities for reflection, dialogue and exchange that build understanding and appreciation for the role of art in society. Located in the […]

Posted: February 8 2012
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cool ideas

The Grafting Parlour is a collective of artists and researchers who exchange and combine their methodologies through thoughtful experimentation.  Through collaborative inquiry and shared research, GfP designs communications models for interacting with different living organisms.  

Posted: February 4 2012
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"art of the heirloom" opens february 17

Hudson Valley Seed Library’s Art of the Heirloom: February 17 – March 2, 2012 Opening reception: Friday, February 17, from 6pm to 8pm 148 West 37th Street, 13th Floor New York, NY 10018 Celebrating the intersection of art and agriculture, Art of the Heirloom showcases the 23 original works commissioned by the Hudson Valley Seed Library for their annual […]

Posted: February 3 2012
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a poem by Brotha' P

  [youtube=] Peteh Muhammad Haroon, affectionally known as Brotha’ P is an inspirational Spoken Word Performance and recording artist and native of New Orleans, LA.  Brotha’ P has been performing his unique style of poetry since 1995 as a member of Nommo Literary Society. After leaving Louisiana in 2005, Brotha’ P moved to Jonesboro Arkansas, where he was reconnected […]

Posted: January 29 2012
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the little farm show

catch them at the NOFA-NY Winter Conference this Saturday and then at Pontine Theatre in Portsmouth, NH January 27, 28 & 29. NOFA/NY Winter Conference Saratoga Springs, NY Saturday, January 21, 4 PM, Hilton Lobby PONTINE Theatre Portsmouth, NH January 27, 28, 29: Fridays, 8pm; Saturdays 4pm* & 8pm; Sundays, 2pm More info on their […]

Posted: January 18 2012
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mp in the house

michael pollan does it again, this time with delightful imagery by Maira Kalman to accompany his simple rules to eating well:

Posted: November 26 2011
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cool looking movie

  MADE BY HAND WAS CREATED out of the belief that the things we collect, consume, use, and share are part of who we are as individuals. For example, the food that we eat says something about each of us, as do the tools we use and the chairs we rest on. Objects that surround the […]

Posted: November 4 2011
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compost is hot stuff

This T shirt design is a collaborative effort between Andy Schwartz and Joel Cothran. Andy is an urban gardener/farmer and Joel is an incredibly inventive artist of many mediums. A percentage of the profits will be donated to local community gardens. We are doing our part to make people aware of the importance of composting. […]

Posted: November 2 2011
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the video blog  

Posted: October 29 2011
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leif. food. art


Posted: October 27 2011
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almanac work is getting started

Severine is on the road gathering steam and contributers to the YOUNG FARMERS ALMANAC project. dyer- rebecca beekeeper- sam milk maiden- louella work songer- bennett, creek natural historian- barbara all contributing content to a deeply relevant, entertaining, and radical publication for the generation of new farmers currently staking a claim in the new american economy. […]

Posted: October 24 2011
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california / japan exchange

In case you didn't know about this amazing art project - "OPENrestaurant is the project of a collective of restaurant professionals who moved their environment to an art space as a way to experiment with the language of their daily activities."

Posted: October 22 2011
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gorgeous photos from Agrarian Acts

you can taste the smoke and face paint on these ones. (photos courtesy of Andrew Plotsky and Farmrun) (what is farmrun you ask? Farmrun is the first dedicated agricultural production studio in the country. It is our intention to serve the needs of the burgeoning agrarian renaissance by means of producing beautiful media for agricultural enterprises.  Farmrun is […]

Posted: October 2 2011
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FARM: food, art, revolution, media

This Thursday! Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 2104 Stevens Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Part of the Minnesota Global series. 5:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m. Using the synergistic power of photography and storytelling, Dan and Melinda Hemmelgarn’s Food, Art, Revolution, Media (FARM) project blends compelling photographs with relevant stories from rural America to influence public opinion and […]

Posted: August 23 2011
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from our friend sauerkraut seth

Last chance to donate! Sauerkraut Seth from the Wiyos updating you on the progress of our project. I want to thank all of you who have contributed! We are almost there! $14,000 out of $15000 raised! We have 5 more days to raise $1000. $15 gets you a pre-released CD of this interpretation of L. […]

Posted: August 18 2011
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robotic goose - who knew?


Posted: August 4 2011
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peter nadin @ gavin brown's enterprise

Tomorrow (Tuesday) - Greenhorns will be representing! Art + Agriculture Old Field Farm and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise will be holding talks at the gallery in July 2011 on subjects related to agriculture, land and water rights, art, community and production.  This event is the first in the series. For the full calendar, visit: “A […]

Posted: July 18 2011
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art and agriculture

PETER NADIN June 29 – July 30, 2011 Opening reception: Gavin Brown’s enterprise  620 Greenwich Street, New York 212 627 5258 T – Sa, 10AM – 6PM Peter Nadin was born in 1954 in Bromborough in the north of England and moved to New York in 1976, after being presented with the Max Beckman Award at […]

Posted: June 15 2011
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go to this, pennsylvanians!

These are good people. Social Saturday: Mark Dion with guest chefs Caroline Woolard and Emcee CM 4:30 pm If you want to tour around Mildred's Lane 6:00 pm Dinner (Seating and Chef presentations at 5:30 sharp.) Please make reservations at [email protected] as seating is limited. BYOB Mark Dion was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in […]

Posted: June 14 2011
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vote for #553

It's an image by our friend and greenhorn Trace Ramsey in the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6x6x2011.   Vote for it HERE!! 6x6 began as a small fundraising exhibition, but has grown into an international art phenomenon. 6x6x2011: Global is the fourth exhibition of thousands of original artworks, made and donated by celebrities, international and local […]

Posted: May 24 2011
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news from fertile underground

They've got a podcast of a recent radio show for you to listen to HERE. If you're curious about the work of Fertile Underground, be sure to listen! Michael has also finalized a series of presentations planned for early June, described in the image below. And what's more, they need some good workers for the […]

Posted: May 24 2011
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nature art camp for farmy artists

From the folks at Mildred's Lane: We are happy to announce that many of our spots for fellows are full for this year, but we do have a select few left! Please apply (and encourage friends to do so) if you are interested in an engaging, challenging, and immersive experience at Mildred’s Lane this summer. […]

Posted: April 28 2011
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mold for clout

greenhorns are looking for a potter for a project at a very special museum Do you mix silicas with muds and have fun squishing them around? Do you dream of being a shepherdess in ancient greece carrying a staff and a clay lantern through nighttime cyprus groves? You might be just the one. please write [email protected]

Posted: April 15 2011