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nice letterpress man gave us some tips

Posted: August 10 2012

we'll share them with you all. 

THANK YOU CARRIE, our letter press is working and lovely. 

Practical Guide to Etching and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques / (ISBN 10: 0486251659 / ISBN 13: 9780486251653 ) / Manly Banister / Published by Dover, might be out of print
"General Printing, An illustrated Guide to Letterpress Printing"
Cleeton, Pitkin & Cornwell / Liber Apertus Press / ISBN 0-9785881-4-2
Good supplier for intaglio and general printmaking is Graphic Chemical and Ink in Chicagohttps://www.graphicchemical.com
Good supplier for letterpress tools, equiptment and kowledge: John Barrett at Letterpress  Things in Chicopee, MA / http://letterpressthings.com
+ "American" in Long Island seems to have everything for production printing:

red hook, new york


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