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news from fertile underground

Posted: May 24 2011

They've got a podcast of a recent radio show for you to listen to HERE. If you're curious about the work of Fertile Underground, be sure to listen!
Michael has also finalized a series of presentations planned for early June, described in the image below.
And what's more, they need some good workers for the cause!  Here's the scoop.
The Fertile Underground have been offered access to some beautiful land in West Greenwich, for growing veg, raising chickens, or really any organic farming practice.  An older conservationist grower is out there on a beautiful piece of land with orchard and acreage.
He would like to work on using the land for peaceful chicken pasturage; there's 16 acres available for that, meaning there's comfortable space for over 500 hens.  Ideally, someone interested in chickens may help him prepare a roost, and get it ready for some happy chicken range.  This is a long-term kind of offer.  He is a true steward, land been with his family more than 50 years...  He wants to be a part of our movement, replacing "lookalike foods" with the real deal- local small farm stuff.  He spoke with me about his experiences selling at market, and how he stands behind eggs as a great farm product that keeps well, and is utterly satisfying.
His offer is open though, to conscientious use by organic type growers of the Fertile Underground.  There is a nice space for growing that has an electric pump running water to it from a well.  There is an old John Deere tractor (in great shape) and a small tilling implement.  It's beautiful space, by a pond.  Interested growers?
Our core agriculturally experienced members are gardening here in Providence, and further deeply embroiled in bringing the Grocery to 1577 Westminster Street.  We are gradually sending our roots through- and we'd love involvement from folks passionate about food, those almost obsessed with preparing meals and sharing company and good times around the best vittles we can get our hands on.
We're forming this as a worker-controlled cooperative business. so we're looking for folks who are ready to go deep in this- don't just expect a steady job that pays some wage.  This will be an interesting transparency, we all want to support farmers, have great high quality produce, and keep it affordable??  With worker-control,  it's all in our hands to decide how much we make off the backs of farmers, and how much the community can get off our backs!  Coming to term with the new reality of food - we will do it together on a neighborhood level.  Definitely get in touch if you want to go deep with us!
We need awesome farmers; we need floor people to keep the shop orderly; we need chefs for our catering & food truck unit; people knowledgeable in preservation, to prepare the store's winter stock; people with great recipes, people who know tons about nutrition, people who "Get" group dynamics, and generally proactive people who are ready to ride out the times.
As a worker cooperative, we'll keep it clean.  We're not going anywhere, all of this stays in Providence.  Get in touch with us, you've got [email protected] .   I'm tagging on a postcard with this call condensed, and also our drive for capital.  Spread the word on that too-- our community has the potential to pool money and buy collectively, in the the hands of a trusted group.  None of us can do this alone.  FUnderground call only buy food for all of us if we have the money up front, for the most part.  Loans won't go too far, as the banks need to see money up front, and don't take risks on "low-income" places like ours.  Right now we've got the resources to build the space, get the shelves ready; and by Solstice, we've got to gather the goods to fill those shelves.  Luckily, the nature of time has indeed sped up, and everything is happening at hyper-speed!  So don't fret, just tell your friends to pull their money out of shady conglomerate banks and PLANT IT IN THE UNDERGROUND!

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