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dirt palace update

Posted: September 23 2009

here's the latest from Dirt Palace:
Dirt Palace enthusiasts, there is a you shaped hole in our heart. We never talk anymore. We barely feel like you know us. Allow us to infuse a glimmer of recognition into your cold, dead eyes via regaling you with updates of our most recent and most imminent goings on.
Firstly, if you are here, you have evidenced your questionably appropriate interest in our deepest thoughts our most incoherent ramblings. You may find yourself un-sated by our infrequent and impersonal emails. Find satisfaction and “Dear Diary” worthy tidbits via our awesome blog, www.dirtpalace.blogspot.com.
It’s a sick window into our underground bat-cave of semi-nomadic sex-crazed carny witches. Plus, you can play a fun game where you proofread Mickey’s illuminations of our library. Meet me on Google Reader. Also, our website might be kind of up to date with regard to people who actually live here. Not that I’m on there, but we’re clearly already developing a rapport. Stalk us online at www.dirtpalace.org. High Five.
Secondly: Many of you have expressed your ongoing concerns for our much beloved AnnaPurna, who suffered extensive injuries as part of Providence’s epic parade of freak accidents earlier this year. We are so appreciative of your keeping her in your thoughts and hearts. Purns is recovering in a faraway wasteland, confined to a dank isolation chamber known only under the ominous moniker “Dad’s house.” For the love of God, send that heathen some mail. She is laid up and away from all of her friends. If you are thinking lovely things about her, now is the time to write them all down and release them into the cosmos via the US Postal Service. Make it happen: AnnaPurna Wagner, PO Box 1888, Lyons, CO, 80540.
Additionally, there is much activity surrounding the actual arts in which we revel here. Pippi is printing wildly in preparation for a solo show and retrospective of her work in Los Angeles, opening November 12th at The Phyllis Stein Art Center. Xander, too, is preparing for a large project to be unveiled in January at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Mass. The Dirt Palace is also mid-project in constructing a wood-shop. We’ve got people building some major shit here, team, and there’s only one way to get it done. Feel free to shower us with your extraneous vices, clamps, work-tables, and other incidentals we might find useful in such endeavors.
More presently, we have a fabulous new show in our window gallery courtesy of Southern Belle au courant Alyn Carson. This milliner designs and makes hats from junk mail, grocery bags, and a collection of ephemera spanning 104 years. Sneak a glimpse of her wonders at http://www.flickr.com/photos.alynnie.
Last but not least, we ask you to join us in waving our meticulously embroidered hankies in farewell as Kristina embarks in her epic pirate voyage on the high seas. She has plotted a course for Vampiresville, Deep South, USA, bottled hundreds of gallons of moonshine, and invested in some commercial-grade galoshes. Give ‘em hell, gal.
PS, Books Through Bars is no longer located at the Dirt Palace, but at the Bell Street Chapel Unitarian Church. Much as we love coming home to your myriad discarded literatures on our doorstep, we are no longer able to find them a good home. Instead, leave them at the Chapel located just east of Olneyville on Broadway: the one with the secret little park you made out in that one time.
PPS, we have a multi-level Yurt complete with a woodstove for sale for $2,000. No seriously.
PPPS, stay tuned for Serena’s Viking Banquet. Details to come.
Px4S, I live here now. Enchanted.

Jazz Hands,