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introducing the blightee

Posted: August 22 2009

This comes to us via our good friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library.
Do you have the blight blues? We do. And we've decided to do something about it!
We're biting back with our new Blightee.


Many of we tomato-loving farmers and gardeners are devastated this August. During a month that ordinarily finds kitchens filled with piles of luscious red fruits, this year many of us are engaged in tomato triage. We snag a decent Brandywine here, a couple Mama Leones there-but our eyes are full of the destruction wrought by this year's pernicious fungal interloper. You could say we have blight on the brain.
No one is taking this rotten infestation blightly-especially not us, as we've lost most of our once-beautiful plants. But what's the use of sitting around crying "Spore me! Spore me!"? No matter how bleak things seem, we believe it's im(s)portant to look on the blight side of life. So we've made these spore-tee t's to help us all face down our sporaphobia and take the bite out of blight.
Meet Blightee: the not so adorable, entirely inedible, terrible tomato whose air-borne sporacious sporangia have turned our tasty summer bounty into mush.
Bite back by spore-ting this tee that says it all: Blight Bites!
Each shirt features the "Blight Bites" image front and center with a very small Hudson Valley Seed Library logo on the sleeve. The American Apparel brand shirts are made in America and woven from 100% organic cotton; the printing is done by Antilogy Designs in Tillson, New York. The logo is based on a design created by Michael Wilcock.
A s-portion of the proceeds from these tees goes towards developing blight resistant open-pollinated tomato varieties through good old fashioned seed saving.