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art, architecture, urban ag, greenhorns.

Posted: July 27 2009

we're interested in the weaving together of these things.  Several past & ongoing exhibits explore them, including our own Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina, which was up in April & May in San Francisco.
this rad image is from Farmadelphia, a proposal for the transformation of Philadelphia by the architects at Front Studio.
Radical Nature at the Barbican Art Gallery, London. - June 19 - October 18, 2009
The beauty and wonder of nature have provided inspiration for artists and architects for centuries. Since the 1960s, the increasingly evident degradation of the natural world and the effects of climate change have brought a new urgency to their responses. Radical Nature is the first exhibition to bring together key figures across different generations who have created utopian works and inspiring solutions for our ever-changing planet.
Vertical Gardens at Exit Art, NYC - March 28 - May 23, 2009
Vertical Gardens is an exhibition of architectural models, renderings, drawings, photographs and ephemera that depict or imagine a vertical farm, urban garden or green roof. It features over 20 projects, both imaginary and real, by artists and architects that envision solutions for building greener urban environments. The past decade has seen a greater emergence of green roofs and vertical gardens created by artists, designers, architects and urban gardeners to combat the lack of flora in the city.
London Yields: Urban Agriculture at The Building Center, London - April 9 - May 20, 2009
This exhibition demonstrates various methods by which food production can be incorporated into the urban environment at both an industrial and domestic level. We hope to help stimulate the debate and raise public awareness of our increasingly fragile relationship with the food on which we rely on and the method of bringing it to our table.

Greenhorns' own Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina. at The Rising Tide Conference April 6-30, 2009 and at  The Spare Room Project - May 1, 2009.
The collaborative installation Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina. will provide a venue for farmers from around the country to display their wares - the products of their careful stewardship. From socks to smocks to seeds - this collective artwork demonstrates the culture of agriculture, and reclaims reverence for "producer" instead of only ever championing the "consumers."


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