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slideluck potshow xiv

Posted: November 8 2009

The world's biggest potluck dinner returns to NYC. (and greenhorns will be there...)

P1040692WHAT: Slideluck Potshow, just named one of the NEWYork100 most innovative, rule-breaking, model-changing ideas to come out of NYC, is a slideshow and a potluck to which members of the arts and photography communities bring food, drinks, and submit a maximum of 5 minutes worth of slides.  The evening begins with a couple hours of dining on the home-cooked delights of participants, while drinking and mingling. Local food activists, farmers, and chefs are invited to share their work during the potluck portion of the event. Following the potluck, the lights are dimmed, the crowd is hushed, and a spectacular slideshow begins.

The slideshow theme for SLPS XIII is INSIDE OUT. Potluck dishes will creatively interpret this theme through a variety of culinary delights prepared by hundreds of fellow New Yorkers. The intersection of food and art will be explored as each participant takes inspiration from foods that are stuffed, opened up, pulled apart, and otherwise highlighted for their relationship between interior and exterior. All attendees are asked to bring something, be it as simple as popcorn or as complicated as sushi rolls. Accompanying recipes are appreciated, as intriguing dishes will be featured either in the Slideluck Potshow blog or in a digital cookbook. In addition, participants are strongly urged to bring a donation for a local soup kitchen. Donations can be fresh produce or canned goods. Submissions by artists from around the world as they also address the theme "Inside Out" will round out this evening of innovation, activism, and social networking.

Slideluck Potshow is a forum for exposing artists, curators, and editors to new work, while infusing the arts community with a non-commercial vitality and refreshing exchange.  Photojournalists, painters, sculptors, designers, fashion, and fine art photographers all show their work alongside one another in a relaxed and spirited atmosphere.  More than anything else, this is a fun, inspiring evening, that is meant to remind us why create in the first place. http://www.slideluckpotshow.com

WHO: The event is open to the public and will feature the work of a diverse range of artists. Slideluck is an opportunity for artists and arts-appreciators to come together and share their work in a congenial, non-competitive atmosphere.  The potluck dinner emphasizes the process of sharing and exchanging in an engaging and supportive environment. Attendees range from professional chefs to food activists to your average home cook, but regardless of culinary background, all food is appreciated and enjoyed for its contribution to the diversity and intrigue of the buffet as a whole. Presenters range from the very accomplished to the non-professional, but regardless of status, none is allotted more than 5 minutes for their slideshow.  Slideshows are often accompanied by music, commentary, or other surprises.

Slideluck Potshow was founded in the backyard of advertising and editorial photographer, Casey Kelbaugh, in 2000.  Kelbaugh produced 20 shows around Seattle, and is now, along with Producers Wren Noble and Kai Margarida-Ramirez, organizing 3 events a year in NYC.  Slideluck takes place in over 40 cities globally, including Berlin, San Francisco, Bogotá, Chicago, São Paulo, London, Milan, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Copenhagen.

WHEN: Friday, November 13, 2009 * 7pm Potluck * 9pm Slideshow
WHERE: Aperture Foundation * 547 West 27th St., 4th Floor * NY, NY 10001


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