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opening @ mixed greens

Posted: November 18 2009

The opening already happened, but the show is up until December 12!
@ Mixed Greens Gallery
Mixed Greens is pleased to announce Kimberley Hart’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. In Scout,<!-- Hart expands on her previous use of narrative to reveal a new chronicle in her alter ego’s saga—one of vigilance and fortitude against a new, invisible, nefarious force.
Through drawing and sculpture, Hart exposes her alter ego (a mischievous, irreverent young girl who is noticeably absent from the work) as self-reliant but more vulnerable and suspicious than in years past. Once full of sparkles and glitter, this persona is no longer fantasizing about her hunting prowess or setting traps for inappropriate prey. Instead, we find her hunkered down in an austere outpost with few essentials and a concern for an unknown adversary. There are vestiges of a carefree girlhood, but the tenor has changed—a sense of uncertainty has eroded her daring as she struggles to maintain some bravery in the face of a new, foreboding reality.
In the front room, Hart’s drawings and sculpture reveal the alter ego’s surroundings, shelter and possessions. A “bank” holds prized, as well as scavenged, provisions and doubles as a repository for a personal currency and objects to barter in this new world. In the back gallery, there is evidence of the outside force from which she is defending herself. Beautifully crafted, ominous vultures skulk and spread their wings near a pivotal piece titled, The Death of Sparkle. While Kimberley’s alter ego has proven to be equally prissy and cunning in past exhibitions, she is now overwhelmed by apprehensions and threatened by the malicious marauder responsible for Sparkle’s death.
Quirky fantasy and fine craftsmanship remain hallmarks of Hart’s work, but the tone has shifted to reflect a change—both imagined and real—in her environment. There is a marked shift in her alter ego from mischief-maker of the vernal woodlands to a menaced and solitary defender in a dystopic landscape.

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