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radical agrarians in italy

Posted: June 1 2010

At Pollinaria.org download the pollinaria tour pdf which is full of more beautiful photos.

Pollinaria is a concept of regeneration for the agrarian environment, a radical and composite organism designed to distill the essence of a new rural archetype. Concentric fields of study and action shape a constantly evolving system through art, science, agriculture and other cardinal factors
An innovating impulse develops in the spectrum that encompasses art and science, on frequencies marked out by research projects that subvert reality and reveal visions of the future. Within the framework of Pollinaria, these processes evolve in close contact and dynamic cohesion with local ecosystems
In the sphere of agriculture, Pollinaria forges a synthesis of ancestral wisdom, strategies for environmental defence and leading-edge technologies, to investigate and safeguard the indigenous genetic resources. The principles of organic agriculture are converted into practices aiming to support biodiversity and preserve the  natural fertility and vocation of the soil
Thus, the first shoots of a cultural code break the surface, through primordial fragments, raw elements and the ashes and ruins of homes and civilizations. The origins of Pollinaria lie in these strata of rural Abruzzo and in the scattered traces of ancient human stories. In tension between the dystopian advance of the contemporary city and the archaic purity of the Gran Sasso mountains, this martial spirit of the rural world fights to achieve a new identity and to propagate its formula for salvation
Also, does anyone have images of the piglets under the eiffel tower dealio?  email us at [email protected]