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another fun, fishy project

this one in San Francisco bay: We've got an aquaculture man coming up on Greenhorn radio soon as well.

Posted: February 13 2013
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hot saucer maker seeks farmers

Here's a note for any interested greenhorns: Hot Winter is an organic hot sauce that began as a food preservation project when I was in intern at Mountain Home Farm, in Orleans, CA.  Now we have shelf space at New Seasons Markets in Portland, OR, and are looking for farmers interested in growing chilis to […]

Posted: January 22 2013
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awesome ranchers coop project

SOTE Ranchers Cooperative After a five-year analysis, it became clear that the fragmented nature and scale of the beef industry has created data gaps for ranchers that give cattle buyers and processors a distinct advantage. SOTE Ranchers Cooperative has established a business framework that collects this lost data, and through a cooperative structure will aggregate […]

Posted: January 9 2013
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a finance mechanism for inventors, makers

This is just great. Wow. Glad that the crowdsource platform sector continues to grow and grow. Christie Street Christie Street’s marketplace empowers inventors to realize their dreams while ensuring that the believers who back them can do so with confidence. We don’t decide which products are cool or not – we let our community do […]

Posted: December 31 2012
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vermont sailf freight project

8 tons of grains, roots, wine, cider, and maple syrup. 300 nautical miles. Port of Origin: Ferrisburgh, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain Destination: New York City learn more! + the Hudson River Foodway Corridor Project

Posted: December 30 2012
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a new platform for farm and food crowd sourced funding

Three Revolutions: We connect food and farm innovators, their stories and the fruits of their labors with people happy to spend a few bucks to share and enjoy them. One of our favorites, Food for Maine's Future,  has a project on the site.    

Posted: December 18 2012
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the lexicon of sustainability project

is interested in your take, greenhorns! The Lexicon of Sustainability project is a crowdsourced project focused on the critical ideas and concepts that define sustainable food production and foodsystems in this country. They are currently working on a book project, which will feature the stories and insight of various thought leaders involved in sustainable food production and […]

Posted: December 4 2012
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a reminder: wonderful new organization, making big strides

A Growing Culture Had a lovely time with co-founders at the Quivera Conference in Albuquerque. What fun! What good hearts! Check them out. A Growing Culture seeks to empower the sustainable agriculture movement by highlighting traditional and alternative farm practices used throughout the world.  We believe that ecologically based agricultural systems are the key to […]

Posted: November 26 2012
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west virginia's road map...

for the Food Economy. Download it HERE “There has never been a better time to go into farming,” said Paul Mock, a well-established hydroponic farmer in Morgan County, in a speech at the 2012 WV Small Farm Conference. Though it may be surprising news at a time when America is losing farmers nationwide, more and […]

Posted: November 20 2012
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Here is a wonderful open source design project They've conceived of a wonderful way to share innovations together. What a great model to watch, and for parts that you can make with 3D printers or with wood and a whittle!

Posted: November 12 2012
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if you're a fan of greenhorn radio,

you'll love PFI's Farminars. Take part in one live on Tuesday evenings or listen to past farminars in the archives. For farmers, by farmers, all the way from Iowa. What's a Farminar? Practical Farmers of Iowa offers FREE 90-minute, interactive online seminars on a wide variety of farming topics. Broadcast over the Internet, Farminars are […]

Posted: November 7 2012
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cornell's local fair

Come one and all! Mann Library will be co-hosting the 4th annual Local Fair at Cornell University from 2 - 5pm on Nov. 15, 2012. There'll be a lively open market in the Mann Lobby, offering a rich sampling of food, fiber and energy products from the Finger Lakes region, as well as informative displays […]

Posted: November 5 2012
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schumacher lectures - internet economy

THE ROLE OF THE INTERNET IN THE CREATION OF A JUST AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY 32nd Annual E.F. Schumacher Lectures Tuesday, November 20th, 2012, 6:30-9:30pm First Church in Cambridge - 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138 REGISTER TODAY: Admission is free, but we encourage you to preregister today to reserve your seat. 

Posted: October 29 2012
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a dairy grazier's apprentice scheme, in wisconsin

Full Details: www. Funded by the USDA, NIFA,  and  the University of Wisconsin-Madison's  School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers.

Posted: October 26 2012
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seeking central maine grain growers

A note from the folks at the Somerset Grist Mill. Dear Interested Grain Growers and Land Owners, As you may know, Maine Grains at the Somerset Grist Mill in downtown Skowhegan has just launched operations, processing Maine-grown grains for human consumption.  Maine Organic Milling in Auburn is another exciting project that processes livestock feed grain […]

Posted: October 23 2012
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yoga for farmers

  [youtube=] Yoga to an original soundtrack. Deep relaxation, injury prevention, and a fiddlin' good time. Plus, farm dogs. dig the idea? help FUND IT!

Posted: October 13 2012
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consider this strategy

"Scaling Climate Smart Agriculture by Financing Small and Growing Businesses" by Jesse Last JNearly 2 billion people living in poverty engage in agriculture as a means of survival, and over 1 billion live within the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots. Excluded from formal markets and unable to access agricultural inputs, market information and credit, many rural poor […]

Posted: October 9 2012
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farmer oriented aid

One Acre Fund is a young organization with big dreams.   Our purpose is to serve small-scale farmers. In everything we do we put the farmer first. We measure success in our ability to make more farmers more prosperous. Since our founding in 2006, we have built animpressive track record, growing to serve 130,000 farm families.   Here's […]

Posted: October 9 2012
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permaculture workbook for growing food

Here's another puddle wonderful farmy project that needs some support through Kickstarter, Map Your Place: A Permaculture Workbook for Growing Food - a hands-on guide for gardeners, farmers and anyone around the world who wants to reclaim their relationship with the land and grow food for themselves, their families and their communities: Check it […]

Posted: October 6 2012
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food: an atlas

Food, farms, maps and a kickstarter campaign.  We like it! Check it out HERE An atlas of food: a cooperatively-created, crowd-sourced and crowd-funded project of guerrilla cartography and publishing. 5 months + 80 collaborating cartographers and researchers + 8 volunteer editors + An abundance of volunteer campaign wranglers, academics, designers, and artists + You = […]

Posted: October 4 2012
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remembering the 'people's department'

Via the Organic Seed Alliance: There shall be at the seat of government a Department of Agriculture, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture, rural development, aquaculture, and human nutrition, in the most general […]

Posted: October 2 2012
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canadians organizing their own young farmers organization

Great work, guys!  Check 'em out: Here's a letter they sent out this summer: Dear Agrarians, We can't thank The Greenhorns enough for the inspiration to get going Canada-side. While we're B.C. focused for 2012 we aim to go national next year!  From the city to the country - we're here to connect up and network […]

Posted: September 26 2012
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the husbandry school

Check it out HERE! What is husbandry? We are not talking about animal husbandry (the care and management of animals). Or crops. Or even husbands. We are talking about something VERY much more. Husbandry is an ancient word which means nothing less than 'the care and management of nature and resources for living'. This meaning […]

Posted: September 25 2012
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a new meat co-op, washington We are now accepting applications for membership in our three levels. General Membership for WSDA custom–exempt services ($500 – one vote) General Membership with NCMPC USDA Processing Endorsement for WSDA custom-exempt and USDA-inspected services ($2,000 – two votes) General Membership with NCMPC USDA Processing Endorsement and option to participate in North Cascade Meats™ – A Farmers’ Cooperative wholesale […]

Posted: September 20 2012
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in case we haven't talked about it recently,

  The folks behind OUR GOODS are good friends of ours who run a barter program for creative people to share skill. It is nyc based and online-- with a trade school and online networking.  A very good example of the ways radical sharing can move out of the virtual sphere and into the practical […]

Posted: September 19 2012
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fundraiser for cloud 9 rooftop farm

FUNdraiser! Come celebrate the fall season with Cloud 9 and Nice Roots Farm! Games, Soup, Beer, and Live Music! Sunday, September 23rd at 3 pm we will be gathering at SHARE, the future site of Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm, in the Nice Roots orchard: 2901 W Hunting Park Ave in Philadelphia. Suggested Donation of $10 […]

Posted: September 18 2012
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phoenicia diner

Hudson Valley young farmers - head on over and hawk your wares!  The folks behind this locally and sustainably sourced renovated 1950's diner want to meet you. @PhoeniciaDiner

Posted: September 17 2012
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organic, made in the usa workwear

We like this idea. Let's show them some support! Totem Industries on Kickstarter Totem Industries is a small company out of Boulder, CO, with the goal of getting good people into cool and durable clothes at a reasonable cost.  We have been manufacturing clothing domestically since our inception in 2004. We started as a backcountry […]

Posted: September 12 2012
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a slow food idea worth watching Basically, farm and food businesses get loans with payback in food. Quite a number of businesses have worked with this model in the past, but here is a coordinated effort to centralize the transactions and formalize across multiple businesses. Have thoughts? Share them.

Posted: September 12 2012
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the organic mechanic

super idea! The Organic Mechanic - 2012 Tour Organic farmers in the western United States: I am currently traveling and visiting organic farms in Washington State, Oregon, and California. At each farm, I would prefer to stay between three (3) and ten (10) days. It is preferable if you are on-site and available to spend […]

Posted: September 3 2012
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texas young farmer coalition - up and running!

Website and all: Join TXYFC for an evening of delicious brews, good company, and really smart farmers cold talkin’ at our first Young Farmer Mixer! We’re very, very excited to meet fellow young farmers in the Central Texas region, as well as those who are interested in farming, or are simply super into food […]

Posted: August 27 2012
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nolan is making moves, look how nice

Posted: August 16 2012
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the land connection

More great resources for you Midwest greenhorns. The Land Connection is an educational nonprofit dedicated to preserving  and protecting our agricultural heritage through farmer training programs, sharing resources on how to acquire farmland and facilitating connections between people who own farmland, want to farm, and love healthy food.  The organization is based out of central Illinois, […]

Posted: August 8 2012
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DIY skills for kids

DIY.orgjust released the first of their Skills pages. Included in these is a Gardener Skill page. DIY has many enthusiastic gardeners already in the fold, now there's a curated curriculum where these budding agrarians can challenge themselves. What do you think, Greenhorns?  They have plans to release Landscaper, Hydrologist, Rancher, Animal Keeper, Mycologist, Forester and […]

Posted: August 6 2012
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help wood prairie farm build a new repair shop!

The good folks of Wood Prairie Farm have raised $15,000 but they've got a ways to go and only 3 days left in their fundraising campaign. More information here: and check out this great video of one of the Gerritsen boys, Caleb, talking about the project. [youtube=]

Posted: July 31 2012
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bike powered flour!

Prairie Heritage Farm will be peddling and pedaling their heritage and ancient grains at the 2nd annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival in White Sulphur Springs, MT - July 26-29! On Sunday, they'll be doing a demo, called Tour de Flour: Bikes and bakers unite! Join the farmers from Prairie Heritage Farm for a demo […]

Posted: July 17 2012
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tour de farm

Tour de Farm is an educational bicycle tour celebrating the beauty and productivity of the farmland that forms the backdrop for Saratoga National Historic Park. These working landscapes, largely undeveloped since the Revolutionary War, provide important historical context for visitors to the Park as well as a bounty of fresh food, environmental benefits, and economic […]

Posted: July 16 2012
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meet your makers

Meet Your Makers Vermont hackers, artists and inventors are sharing ideas — and solving problems By Megan James [07.03.12] Remember when geeks were uncool? John Cohn does. The 52-year-old IBM fellow recalls the disapproving look people shot him when, growing up, he told them he wanted to be an engineer. “I’ve spent my whole adult […]

Posted: July 16 2012
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summer sunday socials for farmers in CT

A wonderful idea!

Posted: July 11 2012
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midwest happenings

via the Inn Serendipity newsletter - a good one! Speed Skilling and Open House at Inn Serendipity:  Sat. July 14 & Sat. Oct. 6 Thanks to strong response to the first one last year, we’ll be hosting two Speed Skilling sessions this year in partnership with Transition Green County daylong events from 10-4 pm during which area community friends […]

Posted: July 9 2012
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