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hot saucer maker seeks farmers

Posted: January 22 2013

Here's a note for any interested greenhorns:
Hot Winter is an organic hot sauce that began as a food preservation project when I was in intern at Mountain Home Farm, in Orleans, CA.  Now we have shelf space at New Seasons Markets in Portland, OR, and are looking for farmers interested in growing chilis to help us expand.  Peppers must be grown using organic methods, but certification is not necessary.  Small scale farms with a diversity of crops are preferred. I am based in Portland, but can pick up orders throughout OR and CA.  I am looking for a total of about 2300 lbs of pepper, hopefully spread amongst 2-3 farms. Ideally one farm would come from somewhere in southern CA that would be able to provide an early season harvest.  Mid-late season preference is given to farms in southern OR.  l would like the following varieties (rough quantity estimates are in lbs): Santa Fe Grande (500), Poblano (900), Ho Chi Minh, yellow (400), Bulgarian Carrot (150) and Hungarian Hot Wax (350).   Seeds sown should be open-pollinated and organic.  Price paid for peppers is $3/pound. Please find us on Facebook: /hotwinterhotsuace, or at www.hotwinterhotsauce.com.  Email: [email protected]

hudson, new york