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a finance mechanism for inventors, makers

Posted: December 31 2012
This is just great. Wow. Glad that the crowdsource platform sector continues to grow and grow.

Christie StreetPicture 1
Christie Street’s marketplace empowers inventors to realize their dreams while ensuring that the believers who back them can do so with confidence. We don’t decide which products are cool or not – we let our community do that. We instead remain focused on showcasing only product concepts that are feasible and credible. If it can be made, we’d love to support it, which is exactly why we named the company Christie Street. In addition to being the street of Thomas Edison’s lab in New Jersey, it’s also the first road to actually use his electric lights for illumination. Thus Christie Street embodies a place where innovation is born, and ideas are turned into reality.
This dual focus on supporting inventors and protecting buyers comes from our long-term vision. Christie Street’s team is not just working to build a business, but also a movement. It can’t be stressed enough how important a platform like Christie Street is to inventors. By ensuring inventors credibility to their believers and allowing them to pre-sell product, Christie Street enables individuals all over the world to not only build great products, but also great companies.
Our level of success will not be measured by the dollar amount transacted on the site, but instead, by the number of inventors we are able to assist with building self-sustaining businesses. Whether you are an inventor or a buyer we appreciate your support of Christie Street and hope you will join us in building a better world, one invention at a time.

hudson, new york