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supporting black and brown farmers: NC's earthseed land cooperative is doing beautiful transformative work in their community, and they need our help

Support Earthseed Land Cooperative: a group of young black and brown agrarians who are on a mission to create community resilience through cooperative ownership of land and resources.

Posted: February 7 2017
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farm hack needs you! help fun the patriot weeder!

In the grand tradition and the innovative spirit of Farm Hack, Lu Yoder is embarking on an engineering adventure to respond to the lack of  effective, versatile, adaptive, and cheap weeding systems for smaller-scale farms. The goal is to produce an open-source mechanical weeder that can be easily replicated with common materials and scaled up or […]

Posted: January 10 2017
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funding great nonfiction

[vimeo 187600906 w=640 h=480] It's no secret that we're suckers for a beautiful crowd-funding campaign... In this funding crusade, North Carolina author Trace Ramsey, has five more days to fund his upcoming collection of nonfiction All I Want to Do is Live. Ramsey writes, "This collection is a point of divergence, my entry into literary nonfiction […]

Posted: November 25 2016
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crowdfunder: the pig revolution

[youtube] Farms Not Factories is a small UK-based nonprofit that advocates for ethical farming practices and meat consumption. With 15 days to go, they hope to raise £10,000 "to create and publicise a series of short films featuring celebrity chefs making a delicious pork dish while explaining why serving high welfare meat is so […]

Posted: November 18 2016
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ever needed help renting farmland? then you can help these people make an app for that.

Farmers who have, would like to, or are currently leasing farm land, you input is needed! Imagine that after a tiring search of rental properties, you have finally found the right plot of land to farm on, but you have little experience with legal matters and feel like your lease agreements are written in a foreign language-- […]

Posted: October 11 2016
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know someone who knows someone in London that wants to save a farm ?

OgranicLea, a very awesome workers collective near London in the Lea Valley put out the following call for help on their blog: "A coalition of growers is working with Haringey Council to explore taking on Wolves Lane, a 2 acre former plant nursery in north London. The goal is to turn the site into a centre/hub […]

Posted: October 4 2016
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street goat: an exemplary crowd-funding campaign

[vimeo 146758688 w=640 h=360] Street Goat - Crowd Funding Campaign Film from Joanne Barker on Vimeo. The money's all been pledged and raised, but this sure was a great idea and a fabulous video.

Posted: August 1 2016
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fund the library for food sovereignty!

[youtube] Donate at the indigogo page here! In the creators' own words, "A Growing Culture (AGC) is a global coalition that connects farmers to each other and to the resources they need to create an ecologically sound food system and prosperous planet. We are building the world’s first digital, open-access platform powered by farmers, for farmers. The Library […]

Posted: June 14 2016
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peace of earth's amazing cold storage scheme

We have a stubborn and delicious dream that farming can evolve to exist without a constant input of fossil fuels, and Peace of Earth Farm in Albany, VT is dreaming it too! Farmer Rebecca Beidler, has put out a call for support on a super innovative research project to combine the technologies of root cellars and ice houses to […]

Posted: March 6 2016
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barnraiser: a new crowdfunding site for the food movement

    Barnraiser is the community to power the food movement, one project at a time. To learn more or check out the stories and projects, CLICK HERE!

Posted: September 19 2014
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farmer sayings: almanac needs your help!

Dear Loyal blog readers. We've got a request today. Brooke is illustrating farmer sayings for the next almanac. And is looking for suggestions from the crowd. " Knee high by the fourth of july" " Make Hay while the sun shines" We 'd love if you could send us some suggestions... email [email protected] Looking forward! […]

Posted: September 1 2013
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a finance mechanism for inventors, makers

This is just great. Wow. Glad that the crowdsource platform sector continues to grow and grow. Christie Street Christie Street’s marketplace empowers inventors to realize their dreams while ensuring that the believers who back them can do so with confidence. We don’t decide which products are cool or not – we let our community do […]

Posted: December 31 2012