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food book fair

  Much more information HERE

Posted: March 18 2014
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let's help growing innovation get over the hump!

They are 67% funded with 12 days to go.  Every little bit counts! Growing Innovation Online Library & Book Why does this project matter? Because stakes is high!  In case it's hard to see, this farmer's clever t-shirt says 'stakes is high' To make a more serious point, success in agriculture is hard to achieve […]

Posted: March 9 2014
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new book: grass, soil, hope

 Build topsoil. Fix creeks. Eat meat from pasture-raised animals.  Right now, the only possibility of large-scale removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is through plant photosynthesis and related land-based carbon sequestration activities. These include a range of already existing, low- tech, and proven practices: composting, no-till farming, climate-friendly livestock practices, conserving natural habitat, restoring […]

Posted: March 6 2014
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featured resource: protecting organic seed integrity

Protecting Organic Seed Integrity  Why Protect Organic Seed? The organic seed industry is at the same time especially vulnerable to transgenic contamination and also a crucial link to reducing contamination. Organic seed, which by definition is free of genetically engineered (GE) contaminates, is the foundation of organic agriculture. Organic crops grown with contaminated seed will […]

Posted: March 5 2014
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support growing innovation

We need this library!  Please pitch in.  All contents of the library will also be contributed to the Farm Hack website. Here's the scoop: Growing Innovation Online Library & Book We will build an online library of agricultural innovations developed by farmers and create a book celebrating their ingenuity. The Growing Innovation project was inspired […]

Posted: February 25 2014
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cooperative farming - a new guidebook for greenhorns

“It’s clear that we face common challenges.  It’s also clear that by working together, we get more than just a solution to a problem: we get solidarity.”  The Greenhorns presents Cooperative Farming, an in-depth resource for forming collaborative businesses.  Compiled from a 42 interviews with collaborating farmers and allies, this is a how-to handbook on structuring and […]

Posted: February 24 2014
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book: the meat racket, the secret takeover of america's food business

In The Meat Racket, investigative reporter Christopher Leonard delivers the first-ever account of how a handful of companies have seized the nation’s meat supply. He shows how they built a system that puts farmers on the edge of bankruptcy, charges high prices to consumers, and returns the industry to the shape it had in the 1900s […]

Posted: February 23 2014
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cows save the planet

[vimeo] Interview, photos and video by Erik Hoffner, World Ark contributor Think for a moment about the pressing challenges the world faces: poverty, hunger, political instability, war and climate change. Loss of topsoil is seldom included in that list, even though it plays a lead role in all of them. Some experts estimate that […]

Posted: February 21 2014
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food movements unite!

Food Movements Unite! Strategies to Transform Our Food Systems Now available for e-readers and in Italian translation. In communities around the world the power of the people is at work regaining control of our ailing food systems. According to the latest book from Food First, the global food movement is diverse, widespread, refreshingly creative and […]

Posted: February 18 2014
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food sovereignty e-book!

Towards Food Sovereignty Throughout the world, food providers (such as farmers, pastoralists, forest dwellers, and food workers) and new social movements, rather than academia and think tanks, are the prime movers behind a newly emerging food sovereignty policy framework. At its heart, this alternative policy framework for food and agriculture aims to guarantee and protect […]

Posted: February 13 2014
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growing innovation online library & book

Another worthy kickstarter campaign: Growing Innovation.  Our goal is to create an online library of innovative farm projects and publish a book highlighting exemplary farmer-led projects from our archives.  Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing, which means that we need to meet our funding goal or all the funds will be returned. We think this […]

Posted: January 31 2014
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during these literary months

we highly recommend a few online archives of useful content to find any book at a public  library near you to find online books, movies, music.. and a copy of the internet from any period in time a non corporate version of grooveshark/pandora that lets you experiment with new music that others have posted FOR […]

Posted: December 30 2013
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technology criticism, by dave eggers

  Ring of Power ‘The Circle,’ by Dave Eggers By ELLEN ULLMAN Mae Holland, a woman in her 20s, arrives for her first day of work at a company called the Circle. She marvels at the beautiful campus, the fountain, the tennis and volleyball courts, the squeals of children from the day care center “weaving […]

Posted: December 6 2013
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the market gardener

with a forward by Severine!  Pre-order HERE.

Posted: October 28 2013
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the boston tree party handbook

View The Boston Tree Party Handbook (pdf) During the course of the Boston Tree Party’s work we’ve gathered an extensive amount of information about heirloom apple trees and civic fruit. At its heart, this project is about sharing, so we very much want to provide this information to everyone, whether or not you are part of the […]

Posted: October 22 2013
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a great revision of a classic

A well-worn favorite on our bookshelf, Keeping A Family Cow, is out again in a revised and updated edition!  Joann S. Grohman wrote the book back in the early 1970s, but it is just as relevant to greenhorns of today.   Check it out at Chelsea Green. The cow is the most productive, efficient creature […]

Posted: October 9 2013
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bioremediation book

How can we, the grassroots, work with the power of living systems to truly heal and transform toxic and damaged landscapes into thriving, healthy, and fertile places once more? How can we respond to environmental disasters in accessible and community empowering ways? Earth Repair explores a host of powerful grassroots bioremediation techniques to assist with the recovery […]

Posted: September 7 2013
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raising dough

Food-based businesses can solve our social and environmental problems — yet the majority of food entrepreneurs say lack of access to capital prevents them from launching or growing their ventures. Raising Dough: The Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food Business is an unprecedented guide to the financing options available to support sustainable food businesses. I […]

Posted: July 24 2013
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george packer


Posted: July 4 2013
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growing food in a hotter, drier land

Gary Nabhan's newest book, out next month. From his website: With climatic uncertainty now “the new normal,” many farmers, gardeners, and orchardists in North America are desperately seeking ways to adapt how they grow food in the face of climate change. The solutions may be at our back door. In Growing Food in a Hotter, […]

Posted: May 21 2013
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cooked - michael pollan on democracy now! We spend the hour with Michael Pollan, one of the country’s leading writers and thinkers on food and food policy. Pollan has written several best-selling books about food, including "The Omnivore’s Dilemma," and "In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto." In his latest book, "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation," Pollan argues that taking […]

Posted: May 17 2013
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our essay collection!

Congrats to all of our editors and essayists - GREENHORNS: The Next Generation of American Farmers - has just won a 2013 Nautilus Gold Award in the Living Green / Sustainability category!  The Nautilus awards recognize "Better Books for a Better World". From Nautilus: Amidst the turmoil and turbulence in our world today, people everywhere […]

Posted: May 7 2013
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regenerative enterprise

Here's a sneak peak at an exciting new book, Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance, by our friend Ethan Roland. Download the excerpt  

Posted: April 19 2013
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michael pollan's latest work

Cooked A Natural History of Transformation In Cooked, Michael Pollan explores the previously uncharted territory of his own kitchen. Here, he discovers the enduring power of the four classical elements—fire, water, air, and earth— to transform the stuff of nature into delicious things to eat and drink. Apprenticing himself to a succession of culinary masters, […]

Posted: April 9 2013
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history lesson - salvation army farm colonies

Around the turn of the century, the Salvation Army founded three intentional communities in Colorado, Ohio, and California in an effort to relieve urban poverty that followed in the wake of rapid industrialization. Conceived by founder William Booth, the project was organized by his son-in-law Frederick Booth-Tucker, commander of the Salvation Army in the United […]

Posted: April 8 2013
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rev billy's newest book

The End of the World In pages that crackle with the lightning of an electric storm, the Reverend Billy, messianic leader of the Church of Stop Shopping, thunders from his pulpit, sounding the tocsin on the toxins that are poisoning our planet. The Mayan calendar points to the final apocalypse descending on us in December […]

Posted: April 8 2013
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super duper books

Posted: April 4 2013
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moving to the country, just you and me

[youtube=] Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living. It's a no-romance guide to moving from an urban place to a rural one, and covers all the usual things--land, buildings, livestock--but also talks about the social piece of moving to the country, which for me was the hardest thing. More info here:

Posted: March 7 2013
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conversation with lisa hamilton + linda hussa in SAN FRAN

Poet and Rancher Linda Hussa, in conversation with Lisa M. Hamilton March 7, 6PM at The California Historical Society RSVP at Linda Hussa writes and ranches cattle and sheep in California’s farthest northeast corner, on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. She is the author of seven books of poetry and non-fiction, all of which artfully explore rural lives […]

Posted: March 2 2013
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good morning, beautiful business

  A new book by Judy Wicks "Judy Wicks' brilliance redefines what a business can be. The White Dog Café modeled what commerce will become if we are to create a livable future. This is business as spiritual practice, business as kindness, business as community, business as justice, joy, transformation, leadership, and generosity. There is […]

Posted: February 20 2013
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wendell berry book list

Dad would want everyone to know who his teachers were. Den Berry The Holy Earth by Liberty Hyde Bailey. Farmers of Forty Centuries by F. H. King. Becoming Native to This Place by Wes Jackson. Counterpoint Press, 1996. An Agricultural Testament by Sir Albert Howard. A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold. Tree Crops : […]

Posted: February 14 2013
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help translate le jardinier-maraicher

Le jardinier-maraîcher, written by Jean-Martin Fortier, provides an overview of all aspects of vegetable production at les Jardins de la Grelinette, a farm in Quebec that is well known for its intensive methods of production. This book demonstrates how adopting intensive methods of production can allow the grower to concentrate on growing better instead of bigger, […]

Posted: February 8 2013
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books to read

Drought in the 1930's: The Worst Hard Time Drought in the 2010's: Full Planet, Empty Plates Check out the connection.

Posted: February 4 2013
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your cooperation in distribution

Hi there folks we love. ITs distribution time! WE need your guidance in getting the 2013 New Farmers Almanac out and about, AK press will be distributing to bookstores-- but we'd really like to get the book to Hardware stores, Feed+ Farm Supply Stores, Coops, Grocceries, and local small businesses. If you have leads in […]

Posted: January 25 2013
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best book of the year

American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land From Thomas Jefferson's Monticello to Michelle Obama's White House organic garden, the image of America as a nation of farmers has persisted from the beginnings of the American experiment. In this rich and evocative collection of agrarian writing from the past two centuries, writers from Hector […]

Posted: January 2 2013
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another set of ag history books from purdue

check them out HERE.  For example, The Harvest Story: Recollections of Old-Time Threshermen The Harvest Story depicts the life of rural American threshermen. This collection of first-person narratives chronicles the eyewitness accounts of people who threshed grain with steam engines. The book selects anecdotes from over 50 volumes of material published in The Iron-Men Album […]

Posted: November 7 2012
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wow, book news aplenty

Read What You Eat!  The good folks at the Food Book Fair were invited to feature books you'll want to devour at the 3rd Annual FOOD FILM FESTIVAL (Oct. 17 - 21 in NYC / Nov. 15 - 17 in Chicago) Readers get a 15% Discount: FoodBook15. Farm to Film to Table (to Book!) on Thursday, October, 18th at AMC Village […]

Posted: October 12 2012
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a new book from shannon hayes, hurray!

Long Way on a Little: An Earth Lover's Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously From the cover: “Every earth-conscious home cook who wishes to nourish his or her family with sustainable, local, grassfed and pastured meats should be able to do so, regardless of income,” argues Shannon Hayes. “We just have to […]

Posted: October 10 2012
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western new york book arts center

This is a community letter press shop and non profit organization in buffalo. They have 12 letter presses, workshops, supply store, commercial customers and educational field trips. They take commercial work for broshures, flyers, gigs and events Consider using them, they are very very nice and talented.

Posted: October 10 2012
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permaculture workbook for growing food

Here's another puddle wonderful farmy project that needs some support through Kickstarter, Map Your Place: A Permaculture Workbook for Growing Food - a hands-on guide for gardeners, farmers and anyone around the world who wants to reclaim their relationship with the land and grow food for themselves, their families and their communities: Check it […]

Posted: October 6 2012