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rev billy's newest book

Posted: April 8 2013

The End of the World
OR Book Going RougeIn pages that crackle with the lightning of an electric storm, the Reverend Billy, messianic leader of the Church of Stop Shopping, thunders from his pulpit, sounding the tocsin on the toxins that are poisoning our planet.

The Mayan calendar points to the final apocalypse descending on us in December 2012. Evangelicals have been raising hell about the coming Rapture since the death of their Christ.
But the good Reverend's eschatology is less scriptural. Rather it is rooted in the environmental disasters that rampant capitalism and couldn’t-care-less governments are visiting on our world.
As the fish and forests perish, our future here on earth looks bleaker than ever. But, our Reverend insists in a sequence of surreally imagined sermons, we cannot be passive congregants in the face of our own demise.
Rather, with soaring parables from protests as far apart as the bank lobbies of Barcelona and the underground police cells of New York City, our preacher raises a resounding "Earthallujah!", turning back the devils of debt and destruction, rallying those of radical faith to save themselves and save us all.

Find events and book readings on his website.

hudson, new york