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[youtube] Galvanizing video by none other than Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir to support their amazing new project that maps playgrounds and parks that use round-up.

Posted: August 15 2016
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join us for a thanksgiving picnic on monsanto's front lawn!

Join Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir on Thanksgiving Day in St. Louis, Missouri for a communal dinner on Monsanto's front lawn. It should be a great time! The group will meet at 1 pm at Stacy Park and then hike up to Monsanto World Headquarters. Find out more HERE.

Posted: November 24 2014
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pushback -- reverend billy and the stop shopping gospel choir

Posted: July 25 2014
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The latest from Rev. Billy! We’re swarming at Times Square and Harvard University and Monsanto - a corporation that drenches the land with bee-killing pesticides and GMO crops.  We returned last night from Cambridge, where we confronted designers of the Robobee, the robot slated to replace the Honey Bee as the real bee slides into extinction.Watch […]

Posted: May 5 2014
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reverend billy in san francisco

'Hot Sermon & Heated Talk' on the subject of the sinful silence of the Earth Movement HoneyBeeLujah! WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014 - 6:00PM - 8:00PM 1) First, a fulminating Apocalypse by the Pastor of the Church of Stop Shopping 2) ...followed by an ever so incisive Q & A period led by Savitri D 3) …and general partying […]

Posted: March 10 2014
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rev billy at joe's pub

Reverend Billy is kicking off the campaign to stand up to Chase bank's threat to have him thrown in jail for a year, all because he and his choir spoke for the now extinct GOLDEN TOADS at one of Chase's branches in NYC. should be a raucous affair. Tix $15. Visit the Event Site Check […]

Posted: December 3 2013
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rev billy's newest book

The End of the World In pages that crackle with the lightning of an electric storm, the Reverend Billy, messianic leader of the Church of Stop Shopping, thunders from his pulpit, sounding the tocsin on the toxins that are poisoning our planet. The Mayan calendar points to the final apocalypse descending on us in December […]

Posted: April 8 2013
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when the going gets tough

the tough get weird. Greenhorns: if you haven't already stopped, here's yet another reason to stop the shopping: Reverend Billy’s "Blessed are the Jobless! Blessed are the Broke!" Christmas Tour With the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir! Buy Nothing! We start on Buy Nothing Day, Friday Nov 27, 5 AM - trying to convert the […]

Posted: November 29 2009
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elect-a-lujah with joan baez

here's the latest from Reverend Billy and his campaign! My Heroic Friends, House Parties are springing up like sunflowers throughout the Fabulous Neighborhoods of NYC and Savitri and I are basking in the wonderful visions, hope and dreams of the people we meet there. And money's being raised!

Posted: July 16 2009