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the boston tree party handbook

Posted: October 22 2013


View The Boston Tree Party Handbook (pdf)

During the course of the Boston Tree Party’s work we’ve gathered an extensive amount of information about heirloom apple trees and civic fruit. At its heart, this project is about sharing, so we very much want to provide this information to everyone, whether or not you are part of the official project.

So we present to you the Boston Tree Party Handbook, which contains a wealth of information about planting and caring for heirloom apple trees; ideas and suggestions for community activities, discussions, and events; and lots of educational articles.

This is an essential tool for all our Tree Planting Delegations, but it’s also a very useful resource for anyone planting heirloom apples trees at home, or groups working with fruit trees in a community setting.
Please enjoy this wonderful resource, and feel free to share widely.
boston tree party.org

hudson, new york