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cooperative farming - a new guidebook for greenhorns

Posted: February 24 2014

“It’s clear that we face common challenges.  It’s also clear that by working together, we get more than just a solution to a problem: we get solidarity.” coop
The Greenhorns presents Cooperative Farming, an in-depth resource for forming collaborative businesses.  Compiled from a 42 interviews with collaborating farmers and allies, this is a how-to handbook on structuring and operating a group venture. 
Why work together?  Collaboration allows us to do more with less, by sharing access to equipment, labor, land, or markets.  It means more people power, reducing the workload for each operator and improving quality of life.  This guidebook covers the myriad ways that farmers are working together for mutual benefit, by forming group businesses and sharing resources between their farms.
The guidebook is available for free online at http://www.thegreenhorns.net/guidebooks/cooperativefarming/
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Marketing and Distribution
Equipment Sharing
Labor Sharing
Group Farming & Worker Co-ops
Cooperative Farmland Holding
Structuring a Group Business
Communication and Facilitation
and More

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