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good morning, beautiful business

Posted: February 20 2013


A new book by Judy WicksBook cover image for Good Morning Beautiful Business

"Judy Wicks' brilliance redefines what a business can be. The White Dog Café modeled what commerce will become if we are to create a livable future. This is business as spiritual practice, business as kindness, business as community, business as justice, joy, transformation, leadership, and generosity. There is nothing here you will learn in business school because the White Dog Café is not in the business of selling life; it's in the business of creating life. How blessed is Philadelphia and the world for her presence and prescience."
—Paul Hawken, author Blessed Unrest
"Judy Wicks is one of our great leaders and visionaries, and this books makes clear why. She thinks about traditional subjects ("business," "economics") in fresh, practical, real, and powerful ways. Read it and then live it yourself!"
—Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future
"Guided by her own powerful activist sensibility, Judy Wicks beautifully conveys the important influences that a restaurant, or any business, can have within a community— politically, economically, and socially."
—Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse and author of The Art of Simple Food

hudson, new york