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a new book from shannon hayes, hurray!

Posted: October 10 2012

Long Way on a Little: An Earth Lover's Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously

From the cover:
“Every earth-conscious home cook who wishes to nourish his or her family with sustainable, local, grassfed and pastured meats should be able to do so, regardless of income,” argues Shannon Hayes. “We just have to change how we’re eating.” In her largest, most comprehensive volume to-date, North America’s leading authority on grassfed meat examines the conundrum of maintaining a healthy, affordable and ecologically conscious meat-based diet, while simultaneously paying America’s small sustainable farmers a fair price for their food. The core reference for any home cook, Long Way on a Little is packed with Hayes’ signature delicious no-fail recipes for perfect roasts and steaks cooked indoors and out on the grill, easy-to-follow techniques to make use of the less-conventional, inexpensive cuts that often go to waste, tips on stretching a sustainable food budget, and an extensive section on using leftovers and creating soups. Written with her accessible style and engaging wit, Long Way on a Little not only helps home cooks make the most effective and economical use of their locally raised livestock, it also delivers a practical understanding of the role of livestock in rebuilding a sustainable society. While addressing the topic of making local food more affordable, Hayes also frankly grapples with tough health issues confronting so many Americans today, from diabetes to grain, dairy and gluten intolerance. The result is family-pleasing, nutrient-dense, affordable cuisine that is a joy to prepare, rich in authentic flavor, and steeped in the wisdom of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. She has served up an illustrative and thought provoking guide that is as stimulating to the mind as it is to the palate.
• Recipes for cooking all major cuts of grassfed and pastured meats
indoors and out on the grill
• Carbohydrate counts on all recipes for low carb and diabetic diets
• Guide to Grain-free, Legume-free, Dairy-free and Paleo-friendly recipes
• Full-color insert illustrating fundamental techniques for working with
whole animals: from grilling steaks and rendering fat, to making soap,
salve, candles and more
• Extensive section on soups and leftovers
• Lively, up-to-date discussions of current issues pertaining to sustainable
livestock farming in North America
• Money-saving tips for making delicious meals go as far as possible
Advance praise for Long Way on a Little:
Certainly Shannon Hayes’ crowning achievement to date and most carefully researched culinary guide, this gem should grace every omnivore’s kitchen— open, stained, spattered and loved.
—Joel Salatin, Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer, author of Folks, This Ain’t Normal and other books
A necessary and important book for the conscious omnivore. Shannon Hayes gives practical advice on sourcing ethical meat and using the whole animal from snout to tail.
—Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen authors of The Urban Homestead and Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World
Tired of spending $20/lb on grass-fed ribeye from Whole Foods? Read Long Way on a Little and you’ll never have to do that again.
—Mark Sisson, MarksDailyApple.com and best-selling author of The Primal Blueprint
Since the dawn of life on earth a dynamic interplay of plants and animals has ensured a stable biosphere. In this book you learn about how sustainable meat production not only works but also helps to heal the planet. You will have a full accounting of where your food comes from, and how to prepare nutritious meals for you and your family.
—Robb Wolf, NY Times best-selling author of The Paleo Solution 
All prices include shipping:
1 copy USA $38.50
1 copy CAN $42.45
8 copies USA $181.96
8 copies CAN $205.41
12 copies USA $223.94
12 copies CAN $282.20
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