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JOB ALERT! sunfield land for learning - farm educator position

Sunfield Biodynamic Farm and Waldorf School seeks a Farm Educator to join our faculty for the 2021-2022 school year. The position starts July 1, 2021. The Farm Educator will help develop and deliver the school’s Agricultural Arts curriculum. The position also includes the development of relevant portions of Sunfield’s Summer Programming for 2022. Sunfield’s school […]

Posted: May 20 2021
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job opportunity (park city): permaculture / landscape company manager / site lead

Permaculture / Landscape Company Manager / Site Lead Red Ant Works, Inc. - 20+ year landscape construction and horticultural care company seeks manager and site lead in Park City, Utah Founder wishes step away from daily operations and seeks manager to oversee daily and season’s operations. Company, founded in the mid 90’s, developed methodologies in the […]

Posted: February 22 2021
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healing & growing woodbridge farm

Help us build a bridge between dream and reality and get Woodbridge Farm up and growing! DONATE TO THEIR GOFUNDME HERE ! For those of you unfamiliar with Woodbridge Farm, we’re a 24-acre farm located along a salmon stream in the fertile Chimacum Valley of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Woodbridge was purchased in 2018 by Peter […]

Posted: February 2 2021
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the small farmers journal sends their thanks

Supporting agrarian knowledge one over-sized journal at a time.

Posted: April 19 2017
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queer farmer voices wanted for white house meeting

Listen up, queer farmers! Jonah Mossberg, director of the Queer Farmer Film Project's documentary Out Here has been invited by the White House Rural Council to a meeting at the White House titled "Advancing LGBT Progress in Rural America." The meeting's agenda and exact purpose remains unclear, but Jonah is seeking feedback, input, advice, and commentary […]

Posted: November 29 2016
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the best time to plant a tree is now

[youtube] So get some good advice from the experts! This is one of the best youtube planting tutorials that I've ever seen. Tooley’s Trees is a retail and wholesale nursery in the beautiful Truchas, NM, on the highroad between Santa Fe and Taos, at 7,960’. They are also tree whisperers. If you don't live […]

Posted: May 17 2016
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who owns organic?

An updated version of Dr. Phillip H. Howard's Who Owns Organic info graphic is now available here. When Howard, who is an associate professor at Michigan State University, first made the info graphic is 2012, a number of independent organic brands had been acquired by larger food corporations. Howard updated the chart because, as he […]

Posted: February 7 2016
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usda makes another website

USDA has a new website and you can see it here.  Its purpose is to support new farmers and is pretty awesome. We are thankful for the websites, USDA! What we'd like is a national land bank that holds land in transition and allows young farmers to buy their way into ownership over the course of 30 […]

Posted: November 17 2015
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letter sent to pope francis regarding GMOs

At the request of major peasant organizations, a group of scientists and agricultural experts sent a letter and document on the problem of genetically modified seeds to the Vatican on April 30, 2014.  Signed by eight experts from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India and Canada, the letter and accompanying document call upon His Holiness to speak out against […]

Posted: August 15 2014
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the greenhorns sign and support the petition to stop development on the gill tract farm

A Food Initiative on the Gill Tract Farm >> Sign Here <<  We urge UC Berkeley administration, the UC Regents, and President Napolitano to halt the current development plan for the Gill Tract Farm and enter into a collaborative design process with students and community for the entire Gill Tract Farm. For over 15 years, faculty, students, […]

Posted: April 24 2014
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how to help the seaport and municipal market

  ELECTED OFFICIALS URGE AN OPEN & TRANSPARENT  COMMUNITY-LED PLANNING PROCESS FOR THE SOUTH STREET SEAPORT  Last week, city and state elected officials representing Lower Manhattan sent a strongly worded letter to the New York City Economic Development Corporation urging an open and transparent, community-led planning process for all public assets at the South Street Seaport, including […]

Posted: November 7 2013
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a reminder...

As we sit painfully gazing past our screens to the foliar psychadelia of lakeside champlain -- up to our ears in cargo logistics, porch overflowing with seaweed, pickles, syrup and gorgeous sacks of pinto beans... A reminder to others strapped to computers, Please!  Order Cargo from our sail barge! HERE IS THE PLACE:

Posted: October 3 2013
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audio trawl

Hello loyal blog readers,  Our occasional, random requests have been so fruitful that we're coming back for more! Can you send in  your favorite: 1. Farm / farm-affiliated bands 2. WORK SONGS 3. Sea Shanties/ pirate songs 4. Topic songs about farming Please email [email protected]. We've got such a great start on this. Here are some […]

Posted: September 16 2013
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support food entrepreneurship on Kiva Zip

a note from friend of the Greenhorns, Johnny Price, project director of Kiva Zip Dear friends, I'm writing to you as great innovators, entrepreneurs and organizers in the food / agriculture space, who have expressed support and interest in our Kiva Zip project. I wanted to flag one loan in particular to you in Vallejo […]

Posted: January 26 2013
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high altitude farmer training

a note to all you lovely readers from Dana, friend of the greenhorns, asking for your help and willingness to share your wells of knowledge. to reply, email [email protected] I am writing to ask if any readers out there have any resources, statistics, or insight into the growth in demand for farmer training and education.  I […]

Posted: December 2 2012
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if you're looking to help out here is the place to plug in for hurricaine sandy relief WE're donating a truck full of food there today, come along!

Posted: November 18 2012
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train train train, what do you carry?

I watch long rail cars go by many times per day. Is there a way to know what they carry? IF you live near a train track and are also interested, watch this space for the answer, if you already know it, please tell me -severine [email protected]

Posted: October 5 2012
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alaskan greenhorns?

Hi there blog readers, WE are including in the almanac a ' dairy recruitment' map of alaska from 1926. It therefore came to my attention that we have not adequately covered the young farmers movement in Alaska, and I wonder if anyone out there can point me towards some useful starting points to begin an […]

Posted: September 14 2012
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farmland investing, a growing sector

Where are there benefits for young farmers? How do these schemes impact the matrix of farmland ownership? How does it compare with the land-grabs and speculative investment that we have seen in Africa ? ( see Are there other ways for investment to benefit the future of agriculture? We are interested in your big […]

Posted: August 25 2012
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any greenhorns want to represent us in madison?

if so, please email [email protected] Sacred Agriculture 2012 Biodynamic Association Conference November 14-18, Madison, WI Join us on November 14-18, 2012, at the beautiful Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, WI, for an extraordinary event — the 2012 North American Biodynamic Conference. This biennial conference will bring together hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and interested […]

Posted: August 13 2012
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research in biodynamic world

Announcing Call for Pre-Proposals and Collaborators for Biodynamic Research The Biodynamic Association is seeking creative, relevant and innovative research projects that will advance the understanding and practice of biodynamics. By making this Call, we hope to spark a new direction and impetus for biodynamic research through a broad idea sharing process. Projects are invited that address any aspect […]

Posted: June 23 2012
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national young farmers conference!

Yes, it's not until December, but you can start planning now. SAVE THE DATE: 2012 Young Farmers Conference: December 12-14, 2012 Every December, over 250 young farmers from across the United States gather at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to learn from agricultural luminaries, peers, and advocacy organizations at the National Young Farmers […]

Posted: June 20 2012
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young farmer survey

a thoughtful article and a survey request from Matthew Hoffman on the National Young Farmer's Coalition blog: Is there a special connection between women and sustainable agriculture? People sometimes talk about the masculinization of agriculture since WWII or about women being more nurturing and less inclined toward machines and chemicals. But the fact is that […]

Posted: June 16 2012
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lucky to meet malcom, he wants a new farmers almanac too!

Here is is challenge for new work from California: We are confronted daily with dramatic and very real evidence that California is in decline. Everything seems wrong. We can’t seem to educate our youth, provide families with homes or jobs, keep our parks and libraries open, or take care of our sick. We are not […]

Posted: April 7 2012
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the audacity of milling

The idea for Maine Grains was conceived in 2007 when Amber Lambke helped organize the Kneading Conference – a gathering of farmers, millers, bakers, researchers and home bread baking enthusiasts – to revive Maine’s dormant grain economy.  The Kneading Conference demonstrated widespread interest in locally grown and processed grains; by 2011 the Conference attracted 225 of people to […]

Posted: March 25 2012
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usda organic production survey

Farmers: Participate in Organic Production Survey! USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service is quantifying organic production in the United States. The data will help shape decisions regarding farm policy, funding allocations, availability of goods and services, community development and other key issues. For example: RMA's Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) will use the information published to […]

Posted: January 5 2012
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dear senator patty murray,

Patty Murray is the co-chair of the super committee and she is my senator. Dear Senator Patty Murray, As your constituent, I urge you to support a fair and balanced approach to food and agricultural spending in the deficit reduction bill. Farm conservation and environmental programs have already been cut deeply and should not be […]

Posted: November 22 2011
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pledge for local radio COLUMBIA COUNTY

ROOTS DOWN [root]: the part of a plant that attaches it to the ground or to a support, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant. In the wake of devastating flooding and in the midst of an always-uncertain economic and political climate, we believe that building a local community media infrastructure is more […]

Posted: October 23 2011
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call for media

Attention young farmers of the future: Call for Photos, Videos + Sounds! Attention young farmers of the future - we need your media savvy skills to help put together a resource for youth and aspiring young farmers! The Greenhorns in collaboration with the USDA, Cornell University and many others is crafting a publication to inspire youth […]

Posted: September 20 2011
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Music and stagecraft in the Catskills

We have a full lineup of original shows for Agrarian Acts, sep 25 in the Catskills, more than thirty farmers collaborating for 6 hrs of drama, mischief, eating and country Still Needed are: musicians, costume people, prop makers, sign painters, set builders, stagehands, sound effects, Lighting, exuberant crowdspeople, amateur actors, cute kids, painters. Get involved! Come to the show! Contact […]

Posted: September 2 2011
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helpers needed for UNion square event

please email [email protected] with subject: HELPING SEPTEMBER 3 cooking crafting welcoming decorating engaging in deliberate hospitality gestures with the general public bring your skills and your willing spirit s

Posted: August 29 2011
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dear APP makers

We need an app that makes an alarm 10 minutes before dusk to remind you to put in the chickens!  Anyone?  

Posted: August 17 2011
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so so close!

Our friends at Farmstead Meatsmith are so close to their Kickstarter goal. You can help them reach the finish line by going to their kickstarter page and donating! [vimeo=]

Posted: August 3 2011
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we need a few kansas greenhorns!

Are any of you out there?  We have an opportunity to do a fun project at Farm Aid if we can get some local support peeps out there.  I know there is a strong urban farmer network... email [email protected]

Posted: June 21 2011
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save this hereford breeding stock!

Time to step it up, Greenhorns. Go Go Northwest Farmerfolk! We need to find a home (or as many homes as possible) for a group of pure blood, AHA Registered Hereford hogs ASAP!  These are top-notch, of the highest quality breeding stock, fully accustomed to each other and are of prime breeding age. You could […]

Posted: June 14 2011
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Volunteer Recruitment for FELT

Calling All Fuzz-Loving Greenhorns! We are looking for 3-5 Oakland-area Greenhorns to help run the kick-off the Greenhorn's SEED CIRCUS 2011. The first event is called FELT and is about sheep, wool, fiber, fuzz, and love for local herds. Event runs from 1-4 p.m on Sunday, June 19th. Volunteers report by 12:15 p.m. and can […]

Posted: June 11 2011
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mold for clout

greenhorns are looking for a potter for a project at a very special museum Do you mix silicas with muds and have fun squishing them around? Do you dream of being a shepherdess in ancient greece carrying a staff and a clay lantern through nighttime cyprus groves? You might be just the one. please write [email protected]

Posted: April 15 2011
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You may have heard by now, ATTRA, the National Sustainable Information Service, has been caught up in the budget cuts going on in Congress, and its funding was eliminated in the latest short term government funding bill.  This cut was not because ATTRA is not a vital and efficient program, but because ATTRA has been […]

Posted: April 2 2011
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amazing mappers.

for all your mapping needs!

Posted: March 18 2011
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we love road trips

Daniel Klein and the folks at the Perennial Plate want to know, What's the best food story in America? This spring Daniel will be traveling across the country for 6 months, documenting stories about good food in America. Each week they will be filming, editing and releasing unique short films and for that they need […]

Posted: March 15 2011