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save this hereford breeding stock!

Posted: June 14 2011

Time to step it up, Greenhorns.

Go Go Northwest Farmerfolk!
We need to find a home (or as many homes as possible) for a group of pure blood, AHA Registered Hereford hogs ASAP!  These are top-notch, of the highest quality breeding stock, fully accustomed to each other and are of prime breeding age. You could have piglets immediately. Delbert Noble has been breeding these hogs in Ferndale, WA for the past two decades, and is getting out of the game. As one of the few (only?) breeders in the entire northwest region, he has been trying for years to inspire a younger generation of hog breeders to no avail.
Within the next three weeks, he will be taking all 20+ of his hogs to auction, to be sold at whatever price is offered, most likely for this regal group of swine to be slaughtered for meat, and an entire, richly diverse lineage of this heritage breed pig will be rendered obsolete.
Have you been thinking of getting hogs? Want to pile another project on the teetering pile? This is your chance to literally save an heirloom of this country's agricultural security net. If you are a novice at breeding, Delbert will gladly share his knowledge with you.
There are two groups of three hogs (each with one boar, two sows) of breeding age available, at an asking price of $1500 for each group of three. There are also up to 15 gilts/weaners available. Considering the genetic quality & purity, and indefinite potential for breeding and selling pigs, a pretty good deal!
Those who are interested can contact Delbert at (360) 384-1966 for more information.
Check out this video that Andrew Plotsky put together about Delbert.  Beautiful.

ferndale, wa