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young farmer seeking investment partners

For a market garden in Orange County's Black Dirt region. Greetings, I'm interested in possibly soliciting an investment from you in my farm.   It's a 7 acre plan on, both upland, and bottomland, growing herbs, cut flowers, salad mix, and truck crops.  I'd be retailing at Farmers' Markets, and operating a small CSA.  My […]

Posted: February 15 2011
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girls just want to farm!

Help the Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC win an online vote for a $50,000 charitable award...LESGC provides amazing programs to young women, including all kinds of Fair Trade and community gardening/local sustainability education. You can vote here: Look for the red "Vote For Lyn" button in the upper-right-hand corner. You don't have to […]

Posted: February 7 2011
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call for stories about healthcare (or lack thereof)

Dear gentle famers:  I am the mother of a greenhorn. A beautiful, healthy, strong and loving greenhorn who fell from a barn loft and required a month-plus of intensive care and rehab to survive and regain her quality of life. It was so frightening for all of us, and we are so grateful to have […]

Posted: January 24 2011
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help pete's greens rebuild after fire

A few days ago, a fire roared through the main barn at our friend pete at pete's greens in craftsbury, VT. The barn is a total loss, taking with it all the stored crops, meats, coolers, and vegetable cleaning and processing equipment. These events remind us of the ever-unpredictable world of farming, and we are also reminded of […]

Posted: January 21 2011
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new england farmers - take this survey!

Survey on winter growing seeks input from vegetable farmers Are you growing or storing crops for sale during the winter months?  Are you interested in expanding your farm’s winter harvest? Click here to take the online survey, and get connected with a network of winter growers and resources for year-round farming! This survey will inform […]

Posted: January 3 2011
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the school food tour

The School Food Tour (SFT) is a self-supported coast-to-coast bicycle tour that advocates for healthier school meals and adds student voices to the National school wellness movement. Are you a farmer, a school, a community that wants to host a pedaling powerhouse as she maneuvers her way across the country? Contact Sara at [email protected] or check out her blog!

Posted: December 11 2010
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MOSES Organic Farmer Mentor Program: Call for Participants

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service This mentoring program links a new farmer with an experienced organic farmer, who are doing the same type of farming ( vegetables, dairy, crops, etc.) and provide an avenue for an exchange of information.  Farmers who have been farming for just a few years, or who are making the transition […]

Posted: December 11 2010
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3 cheers for Punk Yeoman!

We need your help! Vote Greenhorns! for our potential Youtopia grant to make an online version of our event prep toolkit for young farmers. A chance for us to win $15,000 worth of their expertise to make it happen. But first we have to be one of the top twenty finalists of the 150. Which […]

Posted: October 21 2010
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another survey, from zocalo

Hi, Greenhorns! We are doing some research into production, marketing, and distribution among small- and medium-sized farms and we'd especially love to get the views of young farmers in the mix. The survey link is here: Look forward to hearing from you and please spread the word to other farmers you know! Dear Farmer, […]

Posted: September 9 2010
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national young farmers' coalition survey

NYFC has a survey to help understand the needs of young farmers in America. Take a few minutes to fill it out! Take the NYFC Survey

Posted: September 9 2010
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hi farmers. for a photo collage project we are asking you to bust out your digital camera.. and would like please a collection of your dirty fingers. particularly.. the weeding finger that has dirt all up in the skin wrinkles. please email to [email protected] thank you SEverine

Posted: August 22 2010
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better world has less hunger and more farmers

Calling all socially-conscious designers!  The Better World by Design Conference, hosted by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI, is proud to announce the Better World Challenge!  The prompt: develop a solution to an aspect of the food desert problem.  What is a food desert? Quite simply, it is a geographic area with limited access to […]

Posted: August 20 2010
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any young farmers from milwaukee?

greenhorns team is looking for a place to stay during farmaid october3 - any farmer mommy's over there who would be a willing host ? we compensate in the form of swanky stickers, seed balls, posters, buttons, and rosy cheeks galore.

Posted: August 19 2010
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Chautauqua carpool coordination

Hello Chautauquans! As the event this weekend draws closer, we have received a few requests from folks looking for rides to/from Maine. We would like to help coordinate carpools as much as possible, so please see below for ride requests and comment on this blog post with your information  if you or someone you know […]

Posted: August 11 2010
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california residents alert!

From California Farmlink: Will you make a call to support the next generation of farmers? Please call Senator Diane Feinstein in support of a key program helping farmer get started in farming.  Agricultural funders in the U.S. House of Representatives marked up (voted on) their Fiscal Year 2011 agricultural appropriations bill last week, and they […]

Posted: July 21 2010
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the van greenhorns wants

CHECK IT OUT HERE dear world. we would like this van. for our touring with the film.. please!? xseverine and patrick, on a cheese field trip.

Posted: July 6 2010
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kickstart Farm Lot 59

We recently received this note from from Sasha, a young farmer and regular greenhorn radio listener who needs help Kickstarting an urban farm in Long Beach, CA: I'm very excited to update you on the progress of the urban farm. On Thursday June 17th the Parks, Recreation and Marine Commissioners voted to approve and issue a right-of-entry […]

Posted: July 2 2010
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they are leasing trees.. innovative!

Little Dog Orchard, Hudson Valley NY, needs irrigation and that means we need your help! Our goal is to raise $5,000 to offset the costs of installing a drip irrigation system, so we need to lease at least 100 trees by the 4th of July. This year, things are a bit different but essentially the […]

Posted: June 27 2010
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a call to support the fruits of labor

Living Lands Agrarian Network is a non-profit organization that offers training and mentorship to the next generation of farmers in Nevade City, CA.  Our unique model of cooperative farming integrates ecological education, community involvement, resource sharing, and celebration around the food we grow right here in our neighborhoods.  We practice and promote localized ecological farming […]

Posted: June 20 2010
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Glynwood Center 2010 Harvest Awards - Call for Nominations

Glynwood is calling for nominations for its eighth annual Harvest Awards.  The Awards recognizes farmers, organizations, and businesses across the United States that demonstrates innovation and leadership in support of regional agriculture and sustainable food systems. This year’s categories include: • The Glynwood Harvest Farmer Award • The Glynwood Harvest Award for Connecting Communities, Farmers […]

Posted: May 28 2010
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click your bit for dairy farmers

seriously. There are about 800 of you reading this posting today. If those of you who are not in the middle of planting a field could please  click over to Farm Aid and help them make this comment campaign a success? The farmers among us are STRAPPED hustling to plant in between deluges of rain. […]

Posted: April 12 2010
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a plug for little city gardens

Their kickstarter campaign could use another little boost!  Little City Gardens is the new project of our tireless artist Brooke Budner and her business partner Caitlyn Galloway. Your pledge supports a terrific project and you can get some beautiful offerings in exchange, depending on how much you give.  Seed packets, posters, a beautiful zine, and […]

Posted: April 8 2010
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drake forum podcasts

An easy way to learn about beginning farmer issues. Narratives and viewpoints from stakeholders. Listen here

Posted: April 1 2010
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looking for some foragers + botany types in boston

We are planning an elderflower wildcraft bike ride in Jamaica Plain for mid June-- and need a few more scouts helping us geo-map the sambucus. If you are a bostonian botanist, herbalist, plant literate cycler or similar, please be in touch. [email protected]

Posted: March 26 2010
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nyc csa seeking berry farmer

The Southside CSA is looking for a farmer(s) to do a berry share for this upcoming 2010 season. The Southside is located on the southside of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. They are entering their second CSA season and are partnered with the amazing Martin & Gaudencia Rodriguez from MimoMex Farm in Goshen, NY. All sorts of […]

Posted: March 23 2010
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vote for the greenhorns!

this just in! the greenhorns swanky mapping website, Serve Your Country Food, has been nominated for a "Best of Green" award in the Food & Health category . Starting today and running until Friday, April 2, 2010 is the reader's choice voting period. Show some love and vote for Serve Your Country Food for […]

Posted: March 13 2010
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These folks are looking for some insight on hydrofracking from people who are living in the two New York districts cited below. Bonnie and Elizabeth will be heading to Albany on Friday for some important meetings. If this is new to you, here's an article about hydrofracking. Here is their note: We will be meeting […]

Posted: March 10 2010
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dear farmers,

we have found some model leases in our trawls thru the internet and have started compiling them. If you have any could you please send them our way? specifically to [email protected] Here are some examples at Chatham Keep We are looking for truly exemplary ones. Thanks!

Posted: February 18 2010
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be a part of the greenhorns circular

the greenhorn circular is a quarterly online trove of young farmer writing, art, activism, and reportage. the first, training-wheels issue came out last december and the next issue will come out on march 15. submit to issue no. 2: "the rides of march" which will focus particularly on the uses of bikes in farming.

Posted: February 15 2010
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little city gardens kicks off!

Brooke was on my radio show yesterday.She is expanding her farm. She is the beautiful one in the greenhorns trailer-- who knocked on the car windows to get access to her garden plot? remember? She has achieved cult status with her drawings for greenhorns-- of which there are now 38 stickers. She is using kickstarter […]

Posted: February 5 2010
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last minute scholarship to NOFA

for a young farmer who can babysit for one of the three days. The conference starts tomorrow (friday) and runs through Sunday, with a Young Farmer Mixer TONIGHT - 7-11pm If you can do this, email [email protected]!

Posted: January 21 2010