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call for stories about healthcare (or lack thereof)

Posted: January 24 2011

Dear gentle famers:  I am the mother of a greenhorn. A beautiful, healthy, strong and loving greenhorn who fell from a barn loft and required a month-plus of intensive care and rehab to survive and regain her quality of life.

It was so frightening for all of us, and we are so grateful to have our daughter back. Having access to medical insurance provided her access to quality care and was key to her recovery, and our peace of mind.  I want this to be true for all families in need.
But what I've learned over the past few years interviewing farmers of all ages (I'm a writer and radio host), is that too often farmers don't have access to affordable health insurance and quality health care.  Even when we're young and healthy, and blazing a trail to independence and self sufficiency,  accidents can happen.  I believe we all need a basic level of coverage so that we can focus on the work we love without fear or worry about access to care.
I am hoping to collect stories about farmers' experiences and sentiments so that I can help tell the truth, shape public opinion, and change public policy.
Michael Moore's movie, "Sicko," told an important story of health injustice in our country.  I want to continue to carry that baton.
When I was at our winter farmers' market last weekend I struck up a conversation with a woman who said it best: "If we had national/universal health care, we would really be free."
I want to help move the good food revolution and a national renaissance forward.
As a dietitian, I know that "good" food is medicine; you are growing it  and keeping eaters like me well. Thank you so very much.  Now,  I think you deserve health care.
If you are willing to share your thoughts and/or personal stories, please email me at: [email protected]
If you prefer to share your story, but hold it or your name in confidence, you have my word. Just let me know.
I am simply collecting stories to share with audiences that I address when I speak and write.  My goal is to share food truth and work for justice for all.
Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D.
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Writer, Speaker, Columnist, Radio Host & Change Agent
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