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california residents alert!

Posted: July 21 2010

From California Farmlink:
Will you make a call to support the next generation of farmers?

Please call Senator Diane Feinstein in support of a key program helping farmer get started in farming.  Agricultural funders in the U.S. House of Representatives marked up (voted on) their Fiscal Year 2011 agricultural appropriations bill last week, and they completely zero-funded the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Individual Development Account (BFRIDA) program, for which we requested $5 million.

What is BFRIDA?
The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Individual Development Account (BFRIDA) program would provide financial technical assistance and matched savings accounts to beginning farmers of modest means.  Created in the 2008 Farm Bill as a pilot program but never funded, BFRIDA has the potential to create thousands of new farm businesses when fully funded at $5 million.
Now is the moment.  Senator Feinstein sits on the subcommittee responsible for funding agriculture, which is expected to mark up (vote) in the next several days.  Please call her office at is 202/224-3841, and ask to speak with her aide, Ryan Hunt.  If he is unavailable, please leave the following brief message on her voice mail.  It is important to call very quickly.
The message is simple:  "I am a constituent, and I urge Senator Feinstein to support $5 million for the Beginning Farmer Rancher Individual Development Account program for Fiscal Year 2011.  This program helps new farmers get started in farming.  New farms and businesses translate into more jobs in California."
Your call is important.  Please call Senator Feinstein right away - and thank you!
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