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call for media

Posted: September 20 2011
Attention young farmers of the future: Call for Photos, Videos + Sounds!
Attention young farmers of the future - we need your media savvy skills to help put together a resource for youth and aspiring young farmers! The Greenhorns in collaboration with the USDA, Cornell University and many others is crafting a publication to inspire youth to join the lofty ranks of the burgeoning small farm community.
We need photos, videos and sounds of you growing, working and just being to invigorate what we hope will be an amazing document! It's a chance to see photos of your farm in a publication that will reach thousands and also to have collaborative input into an evolving document.
How to Send:
1. You can email photos directly to [email protected] with the phrase "Greenhorns Sourcebook" in the subject line.
2. Upload your photo or video to Flickr and tag it "Greenhorns Sourcebook"
NOTE: Please only send hires images in TIFF, JPEG, PNG formats (greater or around 1MB)

Christopher Kennedy

red hook, new york