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'ulu: the perennial hawaiian staple crop making a comeback

'Ulu, also known as breadfruit, has a promising future for both healthy people and a healthy planet. This indigenous Hawaiian crop is making a resurgence thanks to the folks of the Hawai'i 'Ulu Cooperative: "‘Ulu is one of the world’s few staple crops that grows on perennial trees, so it doesn’t need to be replanted […]

Posted: October 6 2020
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watch: island earth

[vimeo 186219395 w=640 h=360] To feed all the humans on the planet, we are going to have to grow as much food in the next 35 years as we have grown since the beginning of civilization. Shocked when he found out that chemical companies were using Hawaii as the testing ground for their GMO crops, […]

Posted: July 11 2017
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workshop: regenerative agroforestry in hawaii.

Hawaii based Agroforestry Net and FARM Centre are teaming up to offer the Aloha Syntropica-Regenerative Agroforestry Workshop series in Hawi, North Kohala, Hawaii from August 20th to 31st, 2017. The workshops are designed to immerse farmers in regenerative agroforestry and will include personal training in the theory and practice of planning, planting and managing diverse […]

Posted: July 2 2017
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to reduce food waste, farm insects

Can we use insects to convert food waste into animal feed?

Posted: March 13 2017
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Haiku Aina Permaculture Initiative

Respected Internet explorers and seekers of Harmony with Nature; welcome to this entry portal, introducing you to our work at the Ha’iku Aina Permaculture Initiative (also known as HAPI). The project, as we see it, is a way of applying principles of agroforestry and permaculture in an area of rainforest on this beautiful island in the South Pacific […]

Posted: November 17 2016
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dreamy dream job

For those of you whom have fantasized about growing on an organic biodynamic farm IN HAWAII, we feel like it is our solemn duty to inform you that Pu'u O Haku Ranch on Molokai is hiring for a ground manager position. See posting below: Grounds Maintenance Specialist. Primary Responsibilities: This position is typically responsible for performing a variety of […]

Posted: September 19 2016
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hawaiins fight in court to preserve GMO ban

In case you missed it, two weeks ago, our friends and allies at the Hawai'i Center for Food Safety took five cases through the 9th circuit appeals court focusing on the rights of local communities to regulate and legislate genetically engineered seed crops and pesticide use. The video embedded below has the live recording of court proceedings. […]

Posted: June 28 2016
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hawaii to ny in a double hulled sailing canoe

Hōkūleʻa, our Star of Gladness, began as a dream of reviving the legacy of exploration, courage, and ingenuity that brought the first Polynesians to the archipelago of Hawaiʻi. The canoes that brought the first Hawaiians to their island home had disappeared from earth. Cultural extinction felt dangerously close to many Hawaiians when artist Herb Kane […]

Posted: May 19 2016
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hawaii back story of colonialization

What We Want vs. What We Can Get:Colonizing Ourselves Colonization can take place in many ways. One of the ways that it occurs is diverting our energy away from organizing for what we actually want, to instead organizing for what we think we can get under the current system. Large environmental groups in the U.S. […]

Posted: December 24 2015
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seeking young food movement leaders

Food Sovereignty Tours, a program of Food First, is seeking young leaders, farmers, and food activists from diverse backgrounds who are working to advance the mission of food justice and food sovereignty in their local communities, nationally and/or internationally.Preference given to applicants from underserved communities. People of color strongly encouraged to apply. One selected applicant […]

Posted: July 12 2015
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outgrow monsanto

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbQi119hRMg&w=853&h=480] http://www.gmofreemaui.org

Posted: May 27 2015
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shaka movement

You want to check this out. Shaka Movement.org A model for addressing the GMO issue. The SHAKA Movement is an advocacy, communications and educational outreach program and hub, where people and organizations come together to work in unison toward sustainable practices to affect a positive change for the environment and for the people of the Hawaiian […]

Posted: November 5 2014
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here's what happens when a billionaire buys an island as a "hobby"

A fascinating read in the New York Times Magazine. Larry Ellison Bought an Island in Hawaii. Now What? By JON MOOALLEM; SEPT. 23, 2014 Henry Jolicoeur is a retired French Canadian hypnotherapist and a glass-products importer who enjoys making very low-budget documentary films. In the summer of 2012, Jolicoeur read that Larry Ellison, a founder of […]

Posted: September 27 2014
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hawaii: food industry innovation online courses now available!

The University of Hawaii at Maui is now offering Food Innovation Courses ONLINE!  In this series National food-marketing expert, Lou Cooperhouse, takes you from market overview to legal and safety details. Find the edge you need in the food marketplace and help connect Hawai`i’s farms to tables everywhere! The following courses will be offered this year:  […]

Posted: July 4 2014
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farm manager job on maui

Job Opening – General Farm Manager Around the world, a new generation of farmers and practitioners of regenerative agriculture are redefining our relationship with the land and are producing healthy, nutrient-dense food. In this spirit, Bio-Logical Capital seeks to train and develop the next generation of sustainable Hawai’i farmers who will impact local food production, […]

Posted: May 24 2013
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permaculture design course in hawaii

Here's a note from Meleana Judd of Waihuena Farm: Since earning a PDC with Robyn Francis in Australia in 2003 I committed to bring more ‘permaculture’ to Oahu. The PDC provides a framework & skill-set to approach living sustainably and is an experience I feel you, our community & the planet will benefit from. Please join […]

Posted: May 28 2012
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hawaii taro

Taro, one of the earliest cultivations, is threatened by the tsunami of GMO research in Hawaii- which is the world headquarters of genetic research in agriculture. Until recently Hawaii was a major exporter of cane sugar, pineapples and other tropical fruits to the mainland and Japan, as well as large-scale cattle raising industry. These agricultural […]

Posted: April 9 2008