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farm manager job on maui

Posted: May 24 2013

maui beachJob Opening – General Farm Manager

Around the world, a new generation of farmers and practitioners of regenerative agriculture are redefining our relationship with the land and are producing healthy, nutrient-dense food. In this spirit, Bio-Logical Capital seeks to train and develop the next generation of sustainable Hawai’i farmers who will impact local food production, regenerate damaged soil, and improve the overall health of the land and the people it feeds.

Bio-Logical Capital is a land investment, development, and conservation company that operates a small-diversified farm in Kula. Farm operations include bio-intensively managed fruit and vegetable crops, orchards, and the creation of a variety of value-add products. The goals of the farm are to build living soil, produce nutrient-dense food, implement innovative practices, and create a beautiful, diverse, productive landscape that will become a standard for an international brand of “beyond-organic” products.

Success on the farm is dependent on building a strong local team and we are searching for farmers, with varying levels of experience, who can demonstrate a strong work ethic and enthusiastic focus on our farm’s long-term health and productivity.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Operate and continue the development of a small farm on Maui that is intensely-managed, and produces a diverse set of crops from gardens, orchards and fields

  • Build and improve soil fertility with the application of good management techniques, local organic materials, and inputs that are generated from the surrounding expansive acreage of the farm

  • Manage a qualified team of practitioners that will work to increase the carrying capacity of the land, enhance the beauty of the site, and strengthen the core message of the brand. This team is continuing to expand and will likely include a livestock manager and other necessary staff

  • Plan, plant, manage, and maintain tree and vegetable crop acreage to provide diverse food crops of high-quality for on-site meal preparation and enhance the story (for outside audience) of the farm

  • Plan and implement rotational management of sheep, pigs, and poultry layers

  • Plan and phase the appropriate expansion of the farm to include processing of tree and vegetable crops, and other related activities that will add to the health, beauty, and productivity of the farm

  • Set and manage farming project goals, planting and work schedules, critical timelines, reporting mechanisms and resource allocations

  • Manage relationships with the landowner, owner’s representative and other local and statewide partners in the agricultural community

  • Serve as the spokesperson for marketing, media, and communication purposes at the farm

  • Prepare reports, including financial summaries, for updating the executive management team

  • Build working relationships with relevant industry contacts, government agencies and NGOs

  • Manage other tasks as necessary to support business operations

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years of agro-ecological farming and farm management experience with an emphasis in holistic management practices

  • Demonstrated ability to integrate management operations with community and sustainability considerations and outcomes

  • Open to learning and implementing new farming techniques

  • Open to working on weekends

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Computer, data entry and reporting skills

  • Proven record of success in a highly collaborative and dynamic work environment

  • Minimum 2 references


Salary will be commensurate with experience. Benefit package will include medical, retirement and weekly farm produce share.

Candidates should complete the application form; send a cover letter illustrating experience, resume, available start date, contact information, and reference contact information to [email protected].  Please visit www.biologicalcapitalhawaii.com to download the application form.  Qualified candidates will be contacted directly. No phone calls please.

For more company information, visit www.biologicalcapitalhawaii.com.