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watch: island earth

Posted: July 11 2017

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To feed all the humans on the planet, we are going to have to grow as much food in the next 35 years as we have grown since the beginning of civilization.

Shocked when he found out that chemical companies were using Hawaii as the testing ground for their GMO crops, director Cyrus Sutton decided to take action. This film documents the three year journey that he embarked on. Island Earth tells the stories of Malia Chun, Cliff Kapono, and Dustin Barca – three Hawaiians seeking to make Hawaii a beacon of hope for an uncertain future.  Their journey takes us from GMO corn fields to traditional loi patches in order to uncover the modern truths and ancient values and wisdom that will help us to halt our unsustainable depletion of the earth's natural resources and to discover how we can feed the world without destroying the planet.

Island Earth offers a fascinating look at the ground zero situation in Hawaii where issues of food insecurity, traditional practices, complex public policy and private and corporate interests intersect on the ground.
To learn more about Earth Island click HERE or to purchase the full documentary click HERE