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help puerto rico get back on it's feet in the aftermath of the hurricane maria - send seeds!

Dear young farmers, If you are feeling in this circus of crises that our response to the common plight of a planet in an un-natural spin defines us as a society, and that the scar tissues formed over the wounded parts of ourselves and our lands— then perhaps you will resonate with the campaign undertaken […]

Posted: October 14 2017
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seedy films

A step-by-step video series on seed saving for 32 vegetable crops.

Posted: March 24 2017
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amazing footage of corn monsters

[youtube] You're never seen a sprout look this ghoulish. AMAZING video from band C.A.M.P.O.S. for their song Teosinte, which features incredible slow-mo of the title seed germinating. Most of the sites that reviewed the band mentioned that teosinte is a "form of Mesoamerican corn," but being the horticulture geeks that we are, we can't help […]

Posted: March 14 2017
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mountain west seed summit, santa fe, nm, march 3-4

Mountain West Seed Summit "Honoring Origins and Seeding the Future" March 3 – 4, 2017 Santa Fe, New Mexico – Hotel Santa Fe Join Seed Stewards from the Mountain West and beyond for three days of seed knowledge and networking in beautiful Santa Fe. The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union […]

Posted: January 28 2017
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magic molly, fedco's badass super farmer

Fighting corporate tyranny and planting the seeds of freedom, we're so grateful to Fedco for giving us this badass superhero on their 2017 seed catalogue cover.

Posted: January 7 2017
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is the world bank in with monsanto?

Influenced by agribusiness giants, the rating mechanisms of a World Bank index threaten the seed sovereignty of small farmers globally. Please help!

Posted: January 7 2017
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agricultural trailblazer dorn cox on GH radio tomorrow, dec. 20!

Where does Dorn Cox find the time to get so much done? Dorn is a founding member and board president of farm hack, is director of Greenstart, and-- as his bio on their webiste totes-- on his 250-acre family farm in Lee, NH, "has worked to select effective cover crops, grains and oilseeds for food and […]

Posted: December 19 2016
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A New Almanac for the Young Farmers of the World

Coverage of The New Farmer's Almanac on Takepart: The Greenhorns, a nonprofit dedicated to young agrarians, is updating one of America’s oldest ag publications. (Photo: Getty Images) Long before Martha Stewart printed her seasonal gardening chores on the first pages in each issue of Martha Stewart Living, The Old Farmer’s Almanac outlined the farm-related tasks […]

Posted: November 21 2016
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help this rad lady plant 72 rare varieties of heirloom wheat, sunday sept. 11, colrain, ma

Heritage Wheat Planting Festival Sunday, Sept 11 from 11 to 4, 4 pm potluck 400 Adamsville Rd, Colrain, MA Join us for a community planting festival! I need help to plant 72 rare varieties of landrace wheat, that include the almost-extinct ancient grains of Eretz Israel and Europe that I collected when working with the Israel and EU gene banks*. Many […]

Posted: September 6 2016
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[vimeo 133208432 w=640 h=360]

Posted: April 26 2016
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such fun, these scots!

[vimeo 121573942 w=500 h=281] “How do you sow the seeds of a better food system?”

Posted: April 11 2016
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mendocino permaculture’s 33rh annual winter abundance workshop

Mendocino Permaculture’s 33rd Annual Winter Abundance Workshop Saturday January 30, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fairgrounds in Boonville Just a little less a week now until the Mendocino Permaculture's Winder Abundance Workshop! The event is free and fantastic! Head on over to the Facebook event page for a schedule of events, carpooling schemes, […]

Posted: January 24 2016
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chestnut festival video

[youtube] Ever wonder how to harvest and roast chestnuts over an open fire? Find out more HERE.

Posted: November 30 2015
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how DO they get all those little seeds into packets?

[youtube] And now you know!

Posted: November 22 2015
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sewing the seeds of syria: farming group rescues plant species threatened by war

The Experimental Farm Network seeks to preserve the world’s biodiversity one seed at a time. The best case for a plant’s survival is for people to grow it widely. Taylor is part of the Experimental Farm Network, a New Jersey-based group that connects farmers and gardeners to exchange rare and threatened varieties of plants, including […]

Posted: November 18 2015
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centenario barley: gamma rays, farming, and strengthening local economies at 12,000 feet

Posted: July 5 2015
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going to seed

photo from EdiblePortland Anthony said: Look at this bean. We need several things from this bean. We need this bean to stand up straight, to be interested in climbing the pole like it’s supposed to. Not, I’ll climb the pole some years, and other years, it’s too much work. We need this bean to be […]

Posted: June 29 2015
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vandana shiva's response to the new yorker

Yes!  SEEDS OF TRUTH – A RESPONSE TO THE NEW YORKERby Dr. Vandana Shiva(A response to the article ‘Seeds of Doubt’ by Michael Specter in The New Yorker) I am glad that the future of food is being discussed, and thought about, on farms, in homes, on TV, online and in magazines, especially of The […]

Posted: September 2 2014
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a new seed marketplace!, the organic and non-GMO seed marketplace, has created an online platform for organic seed farmers to connect directly with retail consumers. Home gardeners and farmers alike can now purchase seeds with the added knowledge of exactly where, and by whom, their seeds have been grown. SeedWise is breaking down one of the last barriers […]

Posted: July 7 2014
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high mowing organic seeds now verified as non-gmo!

High Mowing Organic Seed Company (HMOS) announced today that it is launching the first full line of organic, Non-GMO Project Verified vegetable seeds for farmers and gardeners. With over 90% of its varieties verified to date, HMOS’s entire line of over 650 varieties will be verified by late summer 2014. HMOS seeds are already Certified […]

Posted: May 22 2014
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seedy documentary

featuring our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library among others. First chance to see it will be on Earth Day in NYC- but ONLY if they pre-sell enough tickets on Gathr. About 60 tickets left to go before they guarantee the screening. Sign up!

Posted: April 6 2014
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grassroots seed network

Maine farmer, seed curator forms new grass-roots group By Mary Pols for the Portland Press Herald, February 16 After a rift in the community of seed-savers, Will Bonsall takes matters into his own hands to continue protecting hundreds of varieties of potatoes and other plants.   Read the full article HERE and check out the […]

Posted: February 22 2014
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online, international seed swap!

Seems like a work in progress, but a great idea.  Graines de Troc It is a online platform where everyone can share and trade seeds. We all build the same available list. Each shipment of seeds is worth a token that allows members to choose any variety in the list. Swapping is an opportunity to try another […]

Posted: October 22 2013
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a new seed company in the finger lakes!

we love seeing new companies pop up.  Fruition Seeds! Check out their Kickstarter, Blog and Facebook page.  Fruition Seeds grows three acres of certified organic seed in the Finger Lakes of New York and collaborates with several other regional certified growers to offer outstanding organic vegetable, herb, flower and grain seed in the Northeast. A life-long […]

Posted: June 24 2013
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seed-saving taco truck!

Check out these gals in New Mexico, they gather seed stories from people --> cultural memorybanking.

Posted: June 6 2013
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seed libraries

Great concept, similar to the way our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library got started. How to Start a Seed Library at Your Public Library:  

Posted: April 30 2013
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$250 bonus for growing out seed

For our friends are the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Seems like a pretty useful bit of subsidy.  Even if the slots are filled for the cash it's worth participating. Dear Growers, Greetings from the Hudson Valley Seed Library! You're receiving this e-mail because you have expressed interest at some point (as recently as yesterday, as […]

Posted: March 20 2013
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community seed swap

and many more events from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tompkins County Community Seed Swap Join us for the first ever Seedy Sunday in Ithaca on Sunday February 24, from 11:00am to 3:00pm! Bring your extra seeds to swap and share with others - they can be home-saved seeds or purchased seeds that you have in surplus. Plus […]

Posted: February 18 2013
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seeds of freedom [vimeo] Seeds of Freedom charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolise the global food system.The film highlights the extent to which the industrial agricultural system, and genetically modified (GM) seeds […]

Posted: January 28 2013
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farm jobs at the seed library

Two Excellent opportunities, greenhorns.  The Hudson Valley Seed Library is a special place. FARMER or FARM COUPLE Seeking experienced farmer or farm couple with a minimum of 2 years farm management and 4-5 years organic growing experience to continue growing on 1+ acres already in no till production while developing an addition 20+ acres for […]

Posted: January 22 2013
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report back from the food sovereignty movement

on seeds... Surin Declaration: First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Peasant Seeds November 6 -12, 2012; Surin, Thailand (Photos os the First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Peasant Seeds) La Via Campesina International delegates, representing our regional member organizations, are meeting in Surin province of Thailand in Asia to have the First Global Encounter on […]

Posted: November 14 2012
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seed freedom day!

Act for Seed Freedom [youtube=]

Posted: September 5 2012
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seed saving workshop

Growing for Future Sowing: Saving Quality Seed from Your Farm's Fields Date:  August 28, 2012 Location: Hudson Valley Seed Library: 484 Mettacohonts Rd., Accord, NY 12404 (Ulster Co) Time: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM If you’d like to start saving seed on your small diversified organic farm, this field day will offer you a strong foundation.  A tour of the […]

Posted: August 22 2012
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BASIL seed swap this friday!

Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL) 13th Annual Seed Swap. Friday, March 30, 2012, 7pm - 9pm. Potluck supper, hoe down music, home-grown garden seeds, and the company of fantastic local gardeners! Come learn about seed saving classes and the Library. There will be presentations from Rachel Pachivas from the Lebel GMO's campaign and Fred […]

Posted: March 27 2012
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such a power resource

Organic Seed Alliance's mission is to support the ethical development and stewardship of seed. Our advocacy program pursues the implementation of ethical values in seed systems. In particular we believe that organic agriculture holds the potential for the development of a new model of decentralized seed systems that serve community needs. While there are many […]

Posted: February 16 2011
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hua ka hua - restore our seed

no gmos we say.  yes seed sovereinty. Positive organizing effort by Organic Seed Alliance and others. Hua ka Hua - Restore Our Seed A Public Seed Symposium April 17-18, 2010. Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Kona

Posted: April 14 2010
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home to the head lettuce

oh gloriousness. from our friend natsuko!  She is in france -- and she found this for us: Next point. we have lettuce seeds, head lettuces mostly including speckled trout seed. Packed and processed by our homies over at HUDSON VALLEY SEED LIBRARY -- grown by Smithereen farm + the Greenhorns. Purchase some here oh yes. […]

Posted: February 3 2010
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brooklyn bowl

we will be going with Annie N. of the Rooftop.  Local X Local, February 21st. we're bringing a seed table.  come buy or trade for some seeds.

Posted: January 20 2010
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greenhorns seeds!

We grew Spotted Trout Lettuce last summer on our little farm, and saved the seeds - now you can buy them from our friends at Hudson Valley Seed Library. Celebrate the Greenhorns! Library Pack : Grown by Smithereen Farm Eligible for Membership Deal $2.75 / $2.25 for members These seeds came from Smithereen Farm, home […]

Posted: January 19 2010
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2010 high mowing seeds catalog

order seed early to save trouble later. Catalog Request Form We also just received this note from our friend Tom Stearns of High Mowing: I thought that you would like to see and spread the word about Dan Rather’s story on the Hardwick, VT and the young, collaborative ag. scene.  Check it out at:

Posted: November 24 2009