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help this rad lady plant 72 rare varieties of heirloom wheat, sunday sept. 11, colrain, ma

Posted: September 6 2016


Heritage Wheat Planting Festival
Sunday, Sept 11 from 11 to 4, 4 pm potluck
400 Adamsville Rd, Colrain, MA
Join us for a community planting festival! I need help to plant 72 rare
varieties of landrace wheat, that include the almost-extinct ancient grains of Eretz Israel and Europe that I collected when working with the Israel and EU gene banks*. Many hands make light work. Each person will receive free heritage wheat seeds offered on growseed.org and the joy of being part of a network to restore ancient grain traditions.
*see: growseed.org/wheat.html and attached.
Contact: Eli Rogosa
website: growseed.org
author of ‘Restoring Heritage Grains’
published by chelseagreen.com
grains of ancient Israel