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why we need young farmers?

What is good for young farmers is good for all new farmers (young or old). We talk here about a young farmers movement, both because we are young farmers, but also because we have the bold aspiration to live in a country where young people CAN become farmers-- not only those with existing capital in […]

Posted: September 18 2008
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news from the gristmill

by Severine via Grist Coast to coast, though there are thousands inspired to dig in and grow food, but it is currently only a dauntless few who manage to gain access to the land, capital, market-savvy, and technical skills that are essential to "make it" as a farmer. Those few are brave, strong, and delightful […]

Posted: September 17 2008
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yestermorrow farm design class

This course is aimed at those involved in small, integrated, local farms -- a farm apprentice responsible for building a chicken coop; a new farmer with a farm in need of regeneration; an established farmer looking to make capital improvements; or the family homesteader who needs a sheep barn. Topics covered will include energy efficiency […]

Posted: September 12 2008
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harvest festival tomorrow!!

Urban Lifeways Project & Native Movement Artist Collective present Harvest Festival What : Local Foods, Live Art, Music, Bike Parade, Garden Things! When: Saturday September 13th from 2 pm - Sundown Where: New Start Garden. 415 N Mogollon St. (B/W Cherry and Dale, West of Downtown Flagstaff, AZ) Hi Friends! Come help us celebrate our […]

Posted: September 12 2008
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greenhorn's rabbit roast + encampment september 13/14

A few "seats" are still available at this lovely event in the Hudson Valley for young farmers! Call 845.758.3468 right this minute to reserve your spot: What: A young farmer sleepover with workshops, bonfire, picnic- potluck with roasted rabbits, pork sausages, vegetarian yum yums and ice cream. Where: Glynwood Center, Cold Spring NYan educational farm […]

Posted: September 10 2008
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we mourn and celebrate this young farmer's life

A young energized organizer and dedicated farmer recently passed away after returning home from SFN. Brian Anselmo passed away unexpectedly on September 2, 2008 at 28 years of age. Brian's joie devivre and sense of humor were a breath of fresh air to those of us fortunate enough to know him. Brian poured a zest […]

Posted: September 9 2008
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another young farmer opportunity

Energetic, optimistic, responsible, and hardworking farmer(s) sought for small farm located in Sullivan County, approximately 100 miles west of NYC and 2 miles from the Delaware River.  The farm is comprised of approximately 4 - 6 acres of land which have been tilled, and another ¾ of an acre ready for farming. I am seeking […]

Posted: September 5 2008
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work trade opportunity in Bodega

Small ecological oriented goat farm in the town of Bodega, West Sonoma County, seeks a responsible self directed person or couple interested in joining our farming team. The living space is a 22' yurt with wood burning stove, gas oven and burners, , small refrigerator, and outdoor sink with detached, shared composting toilet. Rent is […]

Posted: September 4 2008
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letters from young farmers: Jacob Cowgill

I'm a beginning farmer from Montana. Currently, I'm working with the farmer Bob Quinn on his organic farm in Big Sandy. This area is known as the Golden Triangle and is mostly small-grain farming and cattle ranching. Bob's developed a brand of wheat called Kamut (the variety is Khorasan, an ancient variety). We're trying to […]

Posted: August 30 2008
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pirates unite: seed swap and teach-in

more deets on the seed swap. Join the Greenhorns and Heather Flores, author of Food Not Lawns, for a "how-to-don-a-wreath-of-resistance-and-become-a-seed-saving-pirate" teach-in on Thursday afternoon. We'll swap stories, swap seeds, swap community organizing tales and watch the Greenhorns trailer, ask and answer some questions and make sure we're all on the same boat…or can at least see […]

Posted: August 27 2008
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land available to young farmer!

from Jim Milner Seeking caretaker of +50 acres which is in fruit trees and has vegetable garden that needs attention and to expand growing with sales proceeds going to the caretaker who can make as much profit as he can growing and selling at local markets.This is a great oppotunity for farmer who is looking […]

Posted: August 27 2008
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announcement: pirate seed swap

Posted: August 25 2008
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yip skids: eat well everywhere

a note from Severine so.  Melissa, my friend and budget minxy, recently asked me how to find good food on the road, as she travels across the country to drop her beloved off at grad. school. I told her about the Eat Well Everywhere program offered by Eat Well Guide.  Its a far sight better […]

Posted: August 25 2008
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job announcement for People's Grocery

People’s Grocery is a community-based organization, founded in 2003, that addresses health disparities in the community of West Oakland stemming from a lack of access to and knowledge of healthy, fresh foods. With a goal of addressing local health and nutritional needs while providing employment and training opportunities for low-income residents, People’s Grocery’s mission is […]

Posted: August 22 2008
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remembering a great man: Masanobu Fukuoka

Sadly, natural farming innovator Masanobu Fukuoka passed away, Saturday, August 16, 2008, at his home in Iyo, Ehime Prefecture, Japan of old age. He was 95. Fukuoka authored a number of books including One Straw Revolution: The Natural Way of Farming and The Natural Way of farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy, both […]

Posted: August 21 2008
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honor the bird

by Cecily Upton Typically desk bound, it was a treat to get out to the farm (  last week and do some work. And by work I mean killing chickens. Well, truthfully, I didn't do much of the killing, but I helped. KayCee and Owen, the brains and brawn behind Awesome Farm, had 104 "really, […]

Posted: August 19 2008
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ode to monday

monday is always a good day to remember to resist. to resist consumerism. so hard so hard. but what is easier, I think, is to embrace producerism.

Posted: August 18 2008
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Ocean Song Wants You!

Farm & Garden Director, Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center Description of Ocean Song Situated on 350 acres in West Sonoma County, Ocean Song is a learning center with the mission of inspiring and educating people of all ages to live in harmony with nature. Ocean Song offers year-round education programs for children, hosts workshops and […]

Posted: August 15 2008
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letters from young farmers: dearest Patagonia

Dear Patagonia and Kim, I'm writing to request Patagonia reflective tape for use in a bicycle based action to take place in San Francisco during Slow Food Nation and the critical mass. The reflective tape will be used to sew onto bike-flags which poke into the air behind the back wheel of a bike. The reflective ribbon is for […]

Posted: August 13 2008
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announcement | tatooine ranch

We have a vast blank canvas of 70 acres in western Colorado that needs a few good artist/farmers-poet/herders to begin a long term project of inventing/creating a 21st century energy-looped farm. We have a really nice big house with lots of living spaces for any souls intrepid enough to move to the middle of nowhere, […]

Posted: August 12 2008
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>>> rabbit roast protocol

these rules must be read by all attendees to the rabbit roast.  important to be legal and respectful and good little citizens at a perfect tiny agrarian pageant.  think of our partner and host as a kindly sleeping aunty whose jam pot you're minding.  She spent the whole morning bent over collecting raspberries. Careful not to […]

Posted: August 8 2008
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a note from our friend Simon

Hi Everyone, I run a web service for small farms that provides websites and ecommerce to farms across the country (see link below). The basic way it works is that each farmer has their own login and password and they can develop and update their site themselves without needing any technical skills. They choose and […]

Posted: August 4 2008
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+++greenhorns farm/office apprentice+++

The Greenhorns is a small, volunteer driven organization whose mission is to support, recruit and promote young farmers in America.  Our main focus is the production of a documentary film called "The Greenhorns". (You can watch the trailer at We are looking for a dedicated farm/office apprentice. Part time indoors. Part time outdoors. This […]

Posted: July 30 2008
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scare tactics>>meglomaniacalmonoculture addicts

Beware the biotech, my son The jaws that bite, the claws that catch, beware the yum yum bird, and shun unscrupulous corporate balderdash hype and greed and green PR jabberwocky

Posted: July 28 2008
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+++rabbit roast update+++

print this for your calendar!

Posted: July 24 2008
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harvest awards: nominate a young farmer!!!

The Glynwood people are very wonderful.  We'd like to make sure that lots of young farmers are nominated for their award.  The Harvest Awards nomination deadline has been extended to Monday, July do your part today! About The Harvest Awards: The Harvest Awards honor individuals, organizations, and businesses across the United States that do […]

Posted: July 22 2008
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farm aid in boston...we'll be there!

the hot hip shift when the young farmers are talking about 'selling the land' was the pelvic pivot that got me excited about filming young people shifting into farming instead of out of it. check out Farm Aid and Homegrown for more. [youtube=]

Posted: July 18 2008
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rediscovering the farm

Saturday, August 9: Rediscovering the Farm with Keynote speaker Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills- 8:15 am-3:30 pm A day of mini workshops will include topics: New Crops/Niche Crops  (Dr. Bob Dufalt),Micro greens, row covers and season extenders (Powell Smith), Drip irrigation (Mike Sharpe), Intensive Farming, (Tim Price), Dairy Goats (Casey Price), Laying Chickens (Marc Keegan), […]

Posted: July 14 2008
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unfancy flashbacks

the second unfancy food show--amazing rain and boozy brooklyn food counter culture. Severine and merlin made a brief appearance. Severine was peddling her special flower tea, elderflower cordial and organic rabbit. (on the paw) Fabulous people with passion for the real food, and real community of connoisseurship and production. Delightful chocolates and free range chicken, pickles to make […]

Posted: July 13 2008
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letters from young farmers: Arizona bodies

from Louella Hill Dear Friends: The count is in: 40 bodies were collected in June from the Arizona desert floor. This announcement ( from the US Border Patrol), interesting, coincides with our Independence Day. I grew up in a town on the Mexican border in AZ and during childhood saw many dark faces, hand-cuffed, on […]

Posted: July 9 2008
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greenhorn forester wanted!

Habitat Restoration and Native Plant Propagation Internship Redwood Creek Native Plant Nursery Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) The GGNRA Nurseries Program seeks an intern to assist in restoration field activities, volunteer outreach, and native plant production at the Redwood Creek Native Plant Nursery and Habitat Restoration program. Located at Muir Woods National Monument, one […]

Posted: July 8 2008
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patriots of the land celebrate!

"...embrace the flag. hope to live in that free republic for which it stands."  happy fourth!

Posted: July 4 2008
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smoke on the mountain

from Paula Somoza Manalo, Mendocino Organics CSA The early morning of Saturday, June 22, a thunderstorm crashed through Northern California. My partner Adam and I were awakened by the shaking thunder and lightning right above us in Redwood Valley. My first thought was, "Great, we'll get a little water!" The storm did not last long, but […]

Posted: July 3 2008
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new rabbit roast date>>16/17 august!!!

please note the date and location of the midsummer rabbit roast have been changed to 16 and 17 August at Glynwood in Cold Spring, NY.  Get directions here.

Posted: July 2 2008
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wild fermentation

Oh the underground food revolutionaries. Oh the delightful illicit dairy products. The covert wholegrain homebaked crusties. The kitchen jam, the runny custard. These are the pleasures of un-industrial food production and processing-many are the hedonist heros who hold safe traditional food-preparation techniques and technologies. Vote with your fork!  Domestic Artistry! Boycott the microwave, barricade the ready-made, eshew […]

Posted: July 1 2008
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jam at the dam

Ringing bells, shaking hands, warm hugs, and good food were abounding yesterday as the third meeting of New Amsterdam Market got underway. New York's brightest bakers, chefs, food producers, purveyors, and caterers were on hand to curate the bounty of the regions foremost farmer heroes. Yesterday at the Seaport, it was a day dedicated to the […]

Posted: June 30 2008
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market presales >> online!

Hey everyone -- I know farmers are busy readying the fields and planting, but since I know a lot of you participate in and support farmer's markets, I thought I would pass this along to the group.   Small Farm Central is offering a stand-alone service that helps farmers pre-sell goods to farmer's market customers […]

Posted: June 24 2008
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farm aid's family farm disaster fund

The Family Farm Disaster Fund was established by Farm Aid to help farm families survive weather-related disasters. Right now we are working with farmers across the country who have been hurt by devastating flooding and severe weather in Iowa, Wisconsin and seven other mid-western states. Farm Aid is helping family farmers through this disaster by: […]

Posted: June 22 2008
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notes from a young soil scientist

I think I've paid heed to the modern agrarian's manifesto and sown the seed of my own revolution. It didn't begin with a two month sabbatical in southern Arizona, although the high desert, from the magical community of Bisbee to the wild Chiricahuas, only helped to strengthen my resolve. A Palestinian man described Bisbee as an American Jerusalem; tucked away […]

Posted: June 20 2008
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young farmer zine!

Greenhorns: We are currently working on a zine-guide for beginning farmers to hand out at our young farmer's conference/rabbit roast festivities in July and would love your input! Swimming in the masses of resources out there, we would like to hone in on common obstacles that growers and ranchers face when starting their journey into […]

Posted: June 18 2008