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The Greenhorns in West Virginia

Posted: January 6 2009

As you may know, The Greenhorns were in West Virginia recently, filming and hanging out with fabulous young farmers. Here's a great mention in the West Virginia Farmers' Market Association December Newsletter, by one of the farmers we filmed, Joel Wolpert. Quite evocative...
The Greenhorns: Documentary Films Barbour County Farmers submitted by Joel Wolpert
My partner Katie and I were filmed for The Greenhorns early this month. For those of you who haven't heard, The Greenhorns is an independent documentary about young and beginning farmers across the USA. It looks like it is gonna be a neat flick and we're happy to represent West Virginia and the young kids that are pursuing farming as a possible, profitable, and desirable future. Max & Katherine Dubansky of Backbone Farm outside Oakland, MD, were also interviewed, representing both Maryland and West Virginia, since they sell at farmers markets in both states. We're psyched to be a part of anything that can help guide more young farmers in their early steps, not in the least because we'd like some more friends our age around here! More information about the film can be found atwww.thegreenhorns.net/home.html and a trailer can be seen there as well. Alas, the movie is a long way from finishing. You won't get to see our off-the-charts-romantic segment yet but I'll paint a picture for you. Imagine, if you will, a foot of snow blanketing our little valley, a fire burning brightly in our outdoor bread oven, and dawn just beginning to break over the West Virginia hills...the woodsmoke smell of locust logs burning....overlaid with an animated (read: excited) interview with Katie, Favorite, our cat, and I... and the scene fades to black for now until the film comes out!
Check out http://www.wvfarmers.org/ for more on West Virginia Farmers...