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Start Them Young

Posted: January 30 2009

Farm Camps for kids abound, here's one that was established in 1952.
Plantation Farm Camp
garden-barn1Plantation is a gorgeous 500 acre working farm nestled in the heart of the Sonoma County redwoods. We have been a livestock ranch and farm for over fifty-five years, and we lovingly care for our animals throughout the year in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner. During the summer, campers play an integral part in running our farm. As part of our community, everybody has a farm chore twice a day. We raise our animals and tend our garden to provide food for the camp, and our kitchen uses the freshest ingredients possible to create wholesome, delicious, farm-fresh meals.

Since 1952, we have taught respect for and love of nature. In everything we do, we endeavor to leave as small a footprint on the earth as possible and to practice and teach environmental sustainability. We compost, recycle, or re-purpose the vast majority of the waste that camp produces.Living outdoors we consume very little electricity and water conservation is important as we have our own spring-fed water system. These values are increasingly becoming a part of everyone's daily life. At Plantation they have always been integral to our community. We are not simply residents of this place, we are also stewards of it. Plantation teaches that in the activities of our daily lives, we have a responsibility to understand and care for the natural systems of the earth that sustain us. As they nurture the animals and help the plants in the garden grow, the campers themselves directly experience the impact that they have on their world and how their care can make something thrive.