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Get down with yo' Greenhorn self!

Our friends at ATTRA devoted their fall issue of ATTRAnews to young /beginning farmer issues! note little Greenhorns blurb! A great reminder that the government agencies can be our allies as we navigate the institutional landscape. They are sitting at a desk somewhere, in relative comfort, ready to pick up the phone and hear from […]

Posted: October 8 2008
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wild fermentation

Oh the underground food revolutionaries. Oh the delightful illicit dairy products. The covert wholegrain homebaked crusties. The kitchen jam, the runny custard. These are the pleasures of un-industrial food production and processing-many are the hedonist heros who hold safe traditional food-preparation techniques and technologies. Vote with your fork!  Domestic Artistry! Boycott the microwave, barricade the ready-made, eshew […]

Posted: July 1 2008
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market presales >> online!

Hey everyone -- I know farmers are busy readying the fields and planting, but since I know a lot of you participate in and support farmer's markets, I thought I would pass this along to the group.   Small Farm Central is offering a stand-alone service that helps farmers pre-sell goods to farmer's market customers […]

Posted: June 24 2008
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young farmer zine!

Greenhorns: We are currently working on a zine-guide for beginning farmers to hand out at our young farmer's conference/rabbit roast festivities in July and would love your input! Swimming in the masses of resources out there, we would like to hone in on common obstacles that growers and ranchers face when starting their journey into […]

Posted: June 18 2008
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nominate a young farmer!

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for Glynwood Center’s 6th Annual National Harvest Awards!   The Harvest Awards honor individuals, organizations, and businesses across the United States that do an exceptional job of supporting sustainable agriculture and regional food systems.  Do you know visionary farmers who not only raise amazing food but have also developed innovations in growing, marketing, and […]

Posted: May 20 2008
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webportal for young farmers!

Unleash the depths of your agricultural knowledge on the Webportal for Young Farmers Wiki! We are in the initial stages of creating a webportal for young farmers. Its an online funnel that provides young farmers, apprentices, and new entrants into sustainable agriculture with resources necessary to begin farming or to expand their practice. Its a […]

Posted: April 30 2008
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farm bill update!

We urge those of you who haven't yet called your representatives about the farm bill to take a look at the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition website and call the numbers on the site--we need to seal up the dealio with 15 million for beginning farmer funding (see this action alert to get started). Maybe, or maybe we […]

Posted: April 15 2008
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Posted: March 16 2008
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irresistible bling for the fleet: strida and xtracycle

We're not that into product endorsement. But this Strida collapsible bike is pretty cool, and we do claim to be an articulated mass of cyclists. Areaware just started distributing them in the US, and the best part about it is that you can fold up the Strida bike and put it in the back of […]

Posted: January 29 2008
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found food / dirt diving

Once you start looking, food is all around you, much of it as daily annoyances: blackberries, dandelions, pigeons and possum, deer, elk and porcupine. The Bear Deluxe Magazine, published by ORLO, an Oregon den of art + enviro-ethos, calls for your found recipes. "What about the fresh, free range and seasonably produced food sources that […]

Posted: January 16 2008
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Resources: recommended reading, viewing, listening and more

One of our goals is to provide young farmers, apprentices, and others with the resources necessary to begin farming or to expand their practice. We think that the knowledge of other Greenhorns will provide ballast and an ideal platform from which to share information. We aim to facilitate this information exchange through establishing a website […]

Posted: December 8 2007
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