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Make your own banjo at Sylvester Manor

Learn the craft of banjo making at this unique weeklong workshop held at the magnificent and historic grounds of Sylvester Manor, Shelter Island, NY. Using a watch & do approach, noted banjo builder and teacher Jeff Menzies will guide you step by step as you make the pot, craft the neck, and stretch the skin on a gourd banjo.  You […]

Posted: July 31 2011
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fun fun fun


Posted: July 17 2011
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stand up now

Billy Bragg sang an electric version of an old english ballad about the DIGGERS and the uprising of the peasantry - "World Turned Upside Down" at this weekend's Clearwater festival in Croton on Hudson, where greenhorns were selling homemade elderflower cordials and proselytizing to the thirsty. which is a good tactic by the way Here's a […]

Posted: June 25 2011
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we are jeneric - the essex mixer band

They are seed savers! Check it out: We Are Jeneric Team up with Ocean Future Society. More on Jen's Blog.   You can listen to some of their music on their myspace page Our Essex Mixer is June 25th, all day.  Whallonsburg NY. More on that very soon!

Posted: June 8 2011
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sunday foot-stompin

devon sproule steps with the best. [youtube=]  

Posted: May 29 2011
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music in barns

This spring marks the fourth installation of the Daytrotter Barnstormer tour -we'll be hitting towns near Big Ten University cities on this run - April 26-30th - getting into Minnesota and Michigan for the first time, while finding a beautiful old barn in the suburbs of Chicago and heading back to two of our favorite barns […]

Posted: April 3 2011
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genuine jigging

  [youtube=] The Carolina Chocolate Drops offer a preview of their Nonesuch debut album, Genuine Negro Jig

Posted: April 1 2011
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re: book topic, dating for dairy girls


Posted: February 25 2011
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Posted: February 24 2011
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bike-based ninja folksters

NEW ALBUM from kipchoge & the ginger ninjas! oh gee its great

Posted: December 30 2010
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our farmer musician friend in vermont, at bread & butter farm [youtube=]

Posted: December 4 2010
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smells like genocide

Sometimes we get these submissions over the web. Culture of resistence is strong and amplified! I thought you might appreciate this song I wrote, about the horrors of GMO foods, called, 'Smells Like Genocide...'  It is both humorous and cynical, as well as hard-hitting.  Enjoy. Please feel absolutely free pass it along to anyone, or […]

Posted: November 30 2010
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if you happen to be southern

you probably already know about the Ponderosa Swamp.  9th annual coming up this month! When a group of music fans banded together to bring the true heroes of rock and roll back to the stage to play again, we called ourselves The Mystic Knights of the Mau-Mau. The Knights later founded the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation […]

Posted: September 15 2010
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do you like to dance? we do!

Get excited, NW Greenhorns! Monday October 4th at the Vashon Grange Hall! We'll be dance to the beautiful music of The Tallboys and Polka Dot Dot Dot. Stay tuned for more information on the Young Farmer Mixer & Spit Roast. [youtube=] [youtube=]

Posted: September 2 2010
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if you can't make it to the Chautauqua in Maine

.. there's a train accessible farm based art festival! The Wassaic Project Summer Festival @ the Maxon Mills + Luther Auction Barn 37 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic, NY August 13th - 15th, 2010 noon-midnight, every day WHAT: The Wassaic Project Summer Festival is a free, annual, multi-disciplinary celebration of art, music, and community in the […]

Posted: August 5 2010
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music for the farmers many of whom are singing about saving the mountains from coal mining. and some of whom are singing the values of new agrarianims. We are looking for a band to play the NESAWG mixer in Albany in November-- New England Sustainable Ag. Working Group conference.

Posted: July 22 2010
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new album, first in a long long time

from our favorite bicycle-powered musicial pixies, the ginger ninjas. Golden Bubble (span: [femenina] burbuja dorada): (n), The Golden Bubble is a force, my force, your force, our force. Benevolent, yet unpredictable, to be relied on in a pinch or for the extra magic to surmount the unsurmountable, yet not to be taken for granted. A […]

Posted: July 4 2010
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bennett sings songs

Our friend Bennett, who traveled the world on a Watson Fellowship to learn work songs, was just featured in the NYtimes: City Slickers Take to the Crops, With Song Check out the Sylvester Manor website for more on the songs he sings, including some amazing lyrics to learn and sing in your own fields!

Posted: June 1 2010
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to our great delight

the tao seeger band is on tour. catch them, quick!

Posted: April 25 2010
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Curreri / Sproule on NPR -- TOMORROW!

don't forget to tune in for the lovely paul curreri & devon sproule on the NPR's Morning Edition this weekend with host Liane Hansen, approximately 9:40am. PLUS! California made temporarily available to coincide with the broadcast

Posted: April 3 2010
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more great music from devon sproule

who is the partner of Greenhorns soundtrack composer Paul Curreri. Her newest record is officially out, including our favorite "Ain't That The Way" Hey folks, TODAY'S THE DAY! ¡Don't Hurry for Heaven! is officially out in the US & Canada.  The record is currently #1 on the Folk/Roots/Blues Earshot Canadian Radio Chart, in the good […]

Posted: March 22 2010
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who put that burger on your plate?

Thanks deb eschelmeyer for showing it here at drake forum. [youtube=]

Posted: March 5 2010
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This Sings the Song

that many of us wandering activists feel most keenly while driving hours and hours in the volvo.  more info is here [vodpod id=Video.3074238&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about "Ain’t That The Way – St. Eliot & Co.", posted with vodpod

Posted: February 18 2010
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our soundtrack master rocks the east coast

TONIGHT in charlottesville: the musical stylings of paul curreri and devon sproule in at the intimate Southern music hall, it's their annual valentine's duet concert. read on for the rest of paul curreri's trek up the east coast, from VA to NY to ME.

Posted: February 14 2010
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another salty farm band

these boys can rock. [youtube=]

Posted: February 12 2010
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a bicycle pre-party

for the Bicycle Music Festival (held on summer solstice).  Here's the latest: Hopefully you know firsthand that cyclists make better lovers, but if you’ve yet to discover this wonderful fact for yourself, come snag your Valentine at the BMF Benefit at Cell Space this Friday Feb. 5th, and learn! Learn, learn, learn! NUTSHELL: This party's […]

Posted: February 1 2010
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so. radio heads.

making it happen. making it happen on the local airwaves. yes, everyone is making movies. But everyone also seems to be making radio happen. Down Home Radio Show kaya's channel got some others to add to the inventory? Who's your dj?

Posted: January 25 2010
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the cangelosi cards

you want to check out this band if you're in NYC.   You can view their schedule HERE. [youtube=]

Posted: January 25 2010
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peter paul and mary

one of their causes was the United  Farm Workers Movement. [youtube=] from the nytimes 1998: Thirty years ago, the folk singers Peter, Paul and Mary performed in a Carnegie Hall benefit concert to support the United Farm Workers' effort to seek higher wages for California grape workers. On Thursday, the trio will celebrate the anniversary […]

Posted: December 7 2009
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food justice revival concert & roundtable

Some great events this weekend: Food Justice Revival concert in Wassaic, NY August 28th Food Security Roundtable seasonal gathering, also in Wassaic, NY August 29th For more information, check out

Posted: August 24 2009
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young farmers on the radio

we've mentioned the greenhorns radio show before, broadcasting weekly on Heritage Radio. It's quite informative and entertaining - interviews with young farmers, events, etc.  We recently heard from another radio-saavy greenhorn out in South Dakota, producing the "Rock Garden Tour" - farming/gardening/rock and roll in collaboration with South Dakota Public Broadcasting.  We love it, and […]

Posted: June 26 2009
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Dirt Music

Another great music find - Hip Hop about Dirt Farming! Click on the image for more info.

Posted: April 20 2009
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Here We Go Magic

If you're in Brooklyn, check out Here We Go Magic, next Tuesday, April 7.   With Greenhorns friend Peter Hale!  Here's his message: This is Peter Hale (alternately Texas Pete, Peter from Trick and the Heartstrings, Peter from Diner). I hope this finds you well! It's probably been a long time since we've talked (maybe we […]

Posted: April 3 2009
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May Fly

May Fly is a duet of sweet harmony vocals and folk instrumentals influenced by southern appalachian old-time, and new england blues, ballads and soul music. Check them out here:

Posted: April 1 2009