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Dirt Music

Posted: April 20 2009

Another great music find - Hip Hop about Dirt Farming! Click on the image for more info.
We don't have long extensive careers of opening up shows for the likes of Cypress Hill or Jay Z. The Dirt Farmers are collectively what the industry threw away with all the original hip hop back in the Early 90's. We've never been accepted by the ''Industry'', we are just 2 MC's, Cornfield and Spinz, that met each other in 2002 and decided that we worked good together. You know most of your friends that ''make music'' don't ever get around to recording 1 song, well we've recorded over 50 now. The Dirt Farmers are workaholics and not only appear at festivals around the world on our own booking/management (US) but we like to record at a place we call THE DIRT FARM. You may hear about Greenwise Records well that's us, we do it all ourselves and help out anybody we can with ''label representation''. If you want to know a little bit of our backgrounds if that makes you happy in a BAND BIO then read on homie....Cornfield is from Omaha,Nebraska and got his nick name from running through the cornfields of Nebraska naked,,backwards,,Cornfield moved to L.A. to get ''signed'' and went to LA Recording Workshop and got a nice paper to hang on our studio wall at THE DIRT FARM. Cornfield is the ZACH DE LA ROCHA sounding guy in The Dirt Farmers and also supplies the key ingredients for the beats of The DIrt Farmers, Cornfield plays bass,guitar, and drums since he was 5! Basically the white boy knows his shit and can get down with the best of them given the chance, in a freestyle battle,bass slapping contest, or even a DJ battle. Spinz is from a small town called Oxnard in California. His name comes from jerking off while spinning around while drunk one night at the beach, he will tell you his name is SPINOZA like the philosopher but that's all bullshit. Spinz started rapping after hearing a Public Enemy CD when he was 13, he still tries to rap at the age of 28,some people never quit. Spinz is the VANILLA ICE sounding guy in The Dirt Farmers or some say FRED DURST but we won't give him that much credit. Spinz is also everywhere, I think he is the guy that stole the garden troll and took pictures of it around the world. Spinz passport looks like a welfare book with all the stamps and he regularly rocks the mic in front of thousands while doing his impersonation of a real MC. Spinz is involved in the Drum and Bass scene in Europe and also collabs with many foreig producers, but fuck him that means he's never home when you need him,,anyways...