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stand up now

Posted: June 25 2011

Billy Bragg sang an electric version of an old english ballad about the DIGGERS and the uprising of the peasantry - "World Turned Upside Down" at this weekend's Clearwater festival in Croton on Hudson, where greenhorns were selling homemade elderflower cordials and proselytizing to the thirsty. which is a good tactic by the way

Here's a version of the same song from a couple years ago
This is a song from the 17th century that was born as a political broadside.
Agrarian poets, keep it coming.
Check out LVC and keep in touch for news about greenhorns' August event in Maine with LVC, Food for Maine's Future, the National Farmer's Union of Canada, and other partners including Reclaim the Fields, http://www.reclaimthefields.org/, present day descendants of those old time diggers in England.
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