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new album, first in a long long time

Posted: July 4 2010

from our favorite bicycle-powered musicial pixies, the ginger ninjas.

Golden Bubble (span: [femenina] burbuja dorada): (n), The Golden Bubble is a force, my force, your force, our force. Benevolent, yet unpredictable, to be relied on in a pinch or for the extra magic to surmount the unsurmountable, yet not to be taken for granted. A substitute for resources and guns and gasoline and connections but not for common sense and righteousness. Don’t spark a J at the precinct and expect assistance from GB. Do act with vision, cunning, bravery, compassion, and love and count on GB to guide, protect, light, and reward. Her power grows with our belief; our belief grows merely by paying attention. Treat her well and she will cast a glow over you and all your relations and companions. These are not the droids you’re looking for.