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a tree for a landlord, a tree for an office

[vimeo 47713837 w=640 h=360] We should all be so lucky.

Posted: May 4 2017
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what an english sheep farmer has to say about rural america

"The future we've been sold doesn't work."

Posted: March 10 2017
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[vimeo 124611294 w=640 h=352] Disillusioned by a cultural story of consumption and alienation, a newly married couple are called to action. Carrying with them their unborn child, they embark on a year-long journey around the UK, searching for the seeds of an alternative culture and with it hope for the future. we the uncivilized: A Life Story resonates deeply with […]

Posted: December 11 2016
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crowdfunder: the pig revolution

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoJWJ9Cr-Sc] Farms Not Factories is a small UK-based nonprofit that advocates for ethical farming practices and meat consumption. With 15 days to go, they hope to raise £10,000 "to create and publicise a series of short films featuring celebrity chefs making a delicious pork dish while explaining why serving high welfare meat is so […]

Posted: November 18 2016
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can you learn to fish for free?

These are pretty cool programs subsidized by the british government. Participation is open to anyone willing to go to the UK. It leaves us with one pertinent question. What if the USDA provided free jobs training for young farmers?

Posted: October 4 2016
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know someone who knows someone in London that wants to save a farm ?

OgranicLea, a very awesome workers collective near London in the Lea Valley put out the following call for help on their blog: "A coalition of growers is working with Haringey Council to explore taking on Wolves Lane, a 2 acre former plant nursery in north London. The goal is to turn the site into a centre/hub […]

Posted: October 4 2016
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funeral for an extinct species

[vimeo 25260994 w=640 h=360] A cool theater group called Feral Theatre produces rad-eco-theater pieces, and maybe they hit pretty close to home...

Posted: September 28 2016
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position at cooking school in shanagarry, county cork, ireland

Position Vacant Ballymaloe Cookery School is looking for a new staff member to join our team in a varied, exciting role.   The successful applicant will be expected to be flexible, willing to pitch in wherever necessary, though they will have defined duties. We are looking for someone who ideally has attended our 12 Week Certificate […]

Posted: September 15 2016
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UK folks: screening of the solution to pollution is life in cambridge, uk on august 18

The really fabulous feminist film buffs over at Reel Women host a monthly short film night that promotes the work of female filmmakers. On August 18, they are showing a night of films about food, and as part of this event, will be screening the Greenhorns's own The Solution to Pollution is Life." We are psyched […]

Posted: August 9 2016
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awesome HERB MAYONNAISE farmer entrepreneur

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_-nnJqChQY&w=560&h=315]

Posted: August 5 2016
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hot stuff: from timber to tide

[vimeo 144892147 w=640 h=360] From Timber To Tide from Pixillion on Vimeo.

Posted: August 2 2016
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street goat: an exemplary crowd-funding campaign

[vimeo 146758688 w=640 h=360] Street Goat - Crowd Funding Campaign Film from Joanne Barker on Vimeo. The money's all been pledged and raised, but this sure was a great idea and a fabulous video.

Posted: August 1 2016
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farm hack UK

[vimeo 142048712 w=500 h=281] Farm Hack 2015 from Sylvie Planel on Vimeo.

Posted: November 29 2015
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a fast food alternative

The Local Food Takeaway Project needs your help to make their ethically sourced and nutritious fast food alternative a reality. The Project is Crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds to re-purpose an old catering vehicle into a space for educational workshops and pop-up restaurants. Forget supersizing your fries, put that money toward adding local food to […]

Posted: November 9 2015
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keeping orchards alive and well

[vimeo 21443142 w=500 h=375] Check out the rad folks at the Urban Orchard Project, based out of the UK. They are an organization devoted to creating, restoring, and celebrating fruıt orchards in London and beyond. The video above provides a quick lesson on pruning old fruıit trees, and they provide more invaluable advice on their webpage. Remnant […]

Posted: June 22 2015
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glos farming

"This isn’t old school farming when we’re working our land We sell our own produce with till in hand" [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u8lmmw2aUo] Young "sheep doggy dogg" farmer on his countryside rap WOULD the real Ben Morton please stand up? Young farmer Ben, who works for Hillworth Farm Meats, has switched pitchfork for microphone to rap about the […]

Posted: November 8 2012
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greenhorns screening in the UK!

Our  film is being shown by friends of Cultivate Oxford, a group of young growers in Oxford UK. Should you be a UK reader of this blog, the location is upstairs at the Turl Street Kitchen, 16-17 Turl Street, at 7pm on Wednesday 24th October. They've also got a sweet blog, with news, events and […]

Posted: October 23 2012
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the husbandry school

Check it out HERE! What is husbandry? We are not talking about animal husbandry (the care and management of animals). Or crops. Or even husbands. We are talking about something VERY much more. Husbandry is an ancient word which means nothing less than 'the care and management of nature and resources for living'. This meaning […]

Posted: September 25 2012