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glos farming

Posted: November 8 2012

"This isn’t old school farming when we’re working our land
We sell our own produce with till in hand"
Young "sheep doggy dogg" farmer on his countryside rap
WOULD the real Ben Morton please stand up?
Young farmer Ben, who works for Hillworth Farm Meats, has switched pitchfork for microphone to rap about the delights of the Gloucestershire countryside.
The young butcher, 20, a self-styled Sheep Doggy Dogg raps about the best produce on offer from Gloucestershire farms. Inspired by the Yeo Valley TV advert, and written by head of events for Gloucestershire Media Emma Samways, the young farmers are winning rave reviews. But they say there is a serious side to their musical efforts.
"I'm more famous for singing country songs, so this was a bit different. We had to tweak the lyrics so they made sense, but they turned out ok. A lot of farmers are struggling at the moment so we wanted to help promote our produce."

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