Severine von Tscharner Fleming

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"Our Landscape in Common, Customary Rights and the Incoming Generation"

Watch now! Severine v T Fleming's virtual presentation, Our Landscape in Common, Customary Rights and the Incoming Generation, featured at the Stegner Center’s 25th Annual Symposium, Food and the Environment: Resilient and Equitable Food Security for the West. We are in a "fascinating moment to talk about the future of land use and the emergence of […]

Posted: March 31 2020
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how does change happen on the land?

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship just published this great article about Severine!  There is a question we need to ask when talking about food production. The question is, “Who is telling what story, and on whose behalf?” Is it a story that goes with dinner? Or does it perhaps focus on the “We feed the world” […]

Posted: November 23 2017
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severine in ireland

A chance to see greenhorns founder talk farming in Ballymaloe.

Posted: March 1 2017
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evolution of organic premiers at ecofarm conference, jan. 27

See a special sneak-preview of this inspiring new documentary at the EcoFarm Conference on January 27. Spoiler: Sev and the Greenhorns make a cameo.

Posted: January 24 2017
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gh founder severine live on the radio this week

  Two ways to listen to Severine speak on the Agrarian Trust and the ongoing symposium in Northern New Mexico in New Mexico. First, listen here to hear her on Santa Fe Public Radio's The Garden Show. Second, Severine is live today on Family Farm Radio! Get your listen on!

Posted: November 12 2016
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what does severine use to get stuff done?

Severine von Tscharner Fleming Organiser, cultural worker (Greenhorns, Agrarian Trust, Farm Hack) Who are you, and what do you do? I'm Severine, an organizer and cultural worker in the young farmers movement. I run Greenhorns in the Champlain Valley of New York, I'm founder of Agrarian Trust, and co-founder and board secretary of Farm Hack. […]

Posted: May 18 2016
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march 22: feral trade//maine sail freight

Posted: March 2 2016
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matador network article featuring severine vt fleming!

14 women who work every day to improve your food 3. Severine Von Tscharner Fleming Based in Chaplain Valley, NY, Fleming is an activist, farmer, founder and director of The Greenhorns, a grassroots cultural organization that advocates for a growing movement of young farmers and ranchers in America. Fleming founded the Society for Agriculture and […]

Posted: February 20 2016
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portland, me: intro to maine sail freight with severine!

Posted: February 17 2016
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san juan islands agricultural summit

The San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit is back in 2016!  This year it will take place in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island on Friday and Saturday, February 12-13th.  Join fellow farmers, regional experts, local food and farm advocates for three days of education, inspiration, and camaraderie.   Registration is now open! Sign up before February […]

Posted: January 20 2016
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What is it about the ruthless sea? An acculturation in agricultural landscapes, full of flower buds, dewdrops, fresh hay, kittens and baby lambs cannot prepare you for the hard, chilling mechanics of a mechanized fish harvest. To my tender agrarian eyes, the fishing business is brutal. We may call them “stewards of the ocean” but […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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severine and the last american food commons, part I

  This past Fall, Severine travelled to beautiful Alaska and wrote three comprehensive articles based on her experience for In These Times. From Halibut festivals to fish processing boats to the rugged Alaskan homesteaders, she explores three questions fundamental to her journey: What can the farming community learn from the highly managed, and highly abundant commons of Alaska? […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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visit sev on an island this feb!

2016 SAN JUAN ISLANDS AGRICULTURAL SUMMIT! Summit Dates: February 11-13, 2016 Summit Location: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island The San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit is back in 2016!  Returning to Friday Harbor, it will take place on Friday and Saturday, February 11-13th.  Join fellow farmers, regional experts, local food and farm advocates for two days of […]

Posted: November 19 2015
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rootstock radio interview with severine von tscharner fleming

Listen to radio interview here: Rootstock CROPP Cooperative: "We recently had the great pleasure of speaking with farmer, activist and professional organizer Severine von Tscharner Fleming. This woman is a force of nature for the Millennial generation. Not only is Severine a farmer herself, when Rootstock Radio host Theresa Marquez spoke to her in mid-2015, she […]

Posted: September 2 2015
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maine-made farm goods sailing soon

Maine-made farm goods soon will wind their way to Boston by schooner It's art. It's protest. It's celebration. And, who knows? It may even be a practical way to get cargo to market. When the wooden two-masted schooner Harvey Gamage sets sail from Portland in late August, laden with Maine farm products destined for Boston […]

Posted: July 28 2015
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a new economy on the land: severine fleming, agrarian

SEVERINE FLEMING, Agrarian A New Economy on the Land Severine is a farmer, activist, and organizer based in the Champlain Valley of New York. She is founder and director of The Greenhorns, a grassroots cultural organization with the mission to promote, recruit and support a growing movement of young farmers and ranchers in America. The entering […]

Posted: July 13 2015
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audio from the techno utopia conference is now available online

45 LEADING SCHOLARS, AUTHORS AND ACTIVISTS (including our own Severine von Tscharner-Fleming) convened at The Great Hall of Cooper Union, New York City, for a public “TEACH-IN” on the profound impacts—environmental, economic and social—of runaway technological expansionism and cyber immersion; the tendency to see technology as the savior for all problems. A change of direction is […]

Posted: November 14 2014
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Severine, greenhorns founder, to be keynote speaker and panelist at bioneers conference

Live tweeting of the events @bioneers October 17-19, 2014 Keynote:  Millions of Acres: Young Agrarians Needed (Oct. 17) In the next 20 years, farmland ownership will shift on a continental scale—400 million acres, yet 70% of American farmland is owned by people 65 and older. How can we help young, motivated agrarians survive daunting structural […]

Posted: October 9 2014
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bioneers conference 2014: register now!

October 17-19th San Rafael, CA After a quarter-century, the Bioneers community of leadership has learned a thing or two about breakthrough solutions and what directions to head in. Like a magnifying glass channeling sunlight, the “Growing The Movement” theme is designed to help focalize this wealth of community wisdom, skillfulness and vision into beams of […]

Posted: September 12 2014