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rootstock radio interview with severine von tscharner fleming

Posted: September 2 2015


Listen to radio interview here: http://rootstock.coop/featured-post/rootstock-radio-severine-von-tscharner-fleming/

Rootstock CROPP Cooperative: "We recently had the great pleasure of speaking with farmer, activist and professional organizer Severine von Tscharner Fleming. This woman is a force of nature for the Millennial generation. Not only is Severine a farmer herself, when Rootstock Radio host Theresa Marquez spoke to her in mid-2015, she was also on the boards of directors for FOUR organizations that she either founded or co-founded, all working toward shared missions to recruit, promote and support the next generation of young farmers.

These organizations are the Greenhorns, which is best known for its film of the same name; Farm Hack, an online, open-source platform for affordable farm tools and technologies for young farmers; the National Young Farmers Coalition, which now has 23 state and regional coalitions; and her latest startup, Agrarian Trust, which focuses on land access for beginning farmers.

Beyond these, nearly every news or magazine article about Severine mentions a different organization that she started up. We can’t wait to see what she does for our food and farming system in the next few decades.

Please enjoy this great conversation with Severine."