New Mexico

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farmer fundraiser in santa fe for a lending tool library

The Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Alliance, (affiliate of the National Young Farmers Coalition and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union) is hosting a “Farmer Fundraiser” next week in support of a greater-Santa Fe Tool Lending Library next week. There will be a local food supper, beer and entertainment provided and it takes place on Thursday, October […]

Posted: October 5 2017
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the shortage of livestock veterinarians is reaching "crisis levels"

Even after the lamb comes, the ewe continues to strain. Sticky with afterbirth, the ram lamb calls to his mother in quavering tenor, but though she lifts her head in his direction and lets out a low moan of response, her heaving sides won’t let her rise and go to him. In the compounded darkness […]

Posted: May 9 2017
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mountain west seed summit, santa fe, nm, march 3-4

Mountain West Seed Summit "Honoring Origins and Seeding the Future" March 3 – 4, 2017 Santa Fe, New Mexico – Hotel Santa Fe Join Seed Stewards from the Mountain West and beyond for three days of seed knowledge and networking in beautiful Santa Fe. The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union […]

Posted: January 28 2017
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quivira coalition seeks coordinator for their beloved new agrarian program

The Quivira Coalition, a Santa Fe-based nonprofit that builds resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on Western landscapes, seeks a coordinator for their New Agrarian Program (NAP). Now, we can't even tell you how awesome the Quivira coalition is in less than 500 words, so we'll just like to some of the other times […]

Posted: January 21 2017
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this badass lady runs a cattle company and writes wonderful essays

Every other Tuesday, High Country News's Laura Jean Schneider publishes a new essay on her experience as new cattle rancher in New Mexico. In her pieces, we've found the most compassionate and insightful commentary on the Malheur Occupation to date, well-articulated thoughts on "The Era of the Landless Agrarian," and scores of compelling personal insights. Schneider and her […]

Posted: November 19 2016
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gh founder severine live on the radio this week

  Two ways to listen to Severine speak on the Agrarian Trust and the ongoing symposium in Northern New Mexico in New Mexico. First, listen here to hear her on Santa Fe Public Radio's The Garden Show. Second, Severine is live today on Family Farm Radio! Get your listen on!

Posted: November 12 2016
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our land II is on the horizon!

Join us in November.

Posted: October 26 2016
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apprentice on a regenerative ranch

Apprenticeships in Regenerative Ranching and Farming Offered through The Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program on partner ranches and farms in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, and California The Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program (NAP) partners with skilled ranchers and farmers to offer annual apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture. Together, we create opportunities for comprehensive, full-immersion experiential learning from […]

Posted: October 26 2016
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our land 2: moving towards an autonomous food system, NM, nov 9-15

OUR LAND 2! November 9-17th, in Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico. ALL THE INFORMATION IS HERE: This will be the second Agrarian Trust OUR LAND symposium, and once again we’ve got speakers from around the country and around the region focusing our attention, analysis, activism and collective agency on issues relevant to your […]

Posted: October 19 2016
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eeee, acequias! our land symposium, northern NM, nov. 9-17

OUR LAND 2: Tracing the Acequia Commons A Symposium about land transition, continuity, and commons. NOVEMBER 9-17th 2016 Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico Films. Talks. Exhibit. Acequia Walk. Can our regions shift towards food sovereignty? Can our agrarian systems become more harmonious with their wild habitat? Can we maintain our traditional commons? The complete […]

Posted: October 13 2016
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Agrarian Trust Symposium speaker Kim Stringfellow's cool ass project!

The Mojave Project is really just kind of the bomb-diggety. But don't take our word for it: to learn more, we recommend this absolutely gorgeous video. The project is an "experimental transmedia documentary led by Kim Stringfellow exploring the physical, geological and cultural landscape of the Mojave Desert." Browse the current projects here. And while we're talking about the Mojave […]

Posted: July 5 2016
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This April, as the communal irrigation ditches known as acequias run with spring melt and farmers carve new furrows into their fields, many northern New Mexico villages will celebrate their annual homecoming. This is the time of the limpia –– the cleaning of the acequia, when water-rights holders and their families gather to haul rocks, […]

Posted: June 8 2016
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nice bandy apple colony

The Apple Miner Company is a-- get this!-- 25-- yes twenty-freaking-five-- piece folk band hailing out of Santa Fe, NM. Check them out!

Posted: May 31 2016
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how rural new mexico shares water during drought

“We have the wrong world view here in the West, the idea of unlimited expansion, and it just doesn’t work,” she says. “I think land-based people who generally live on a small scale know that there’s a limited good. The basic idea is that shortages are shared.” -Sylvia Rodriguez, professor emerita of anthropology at UNM Photo credit […]

Posted: May 29 2016
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the best time to plant a tree is now

[youtube] So get some good advice from the experts! This is one of the best youtube planting tutorials that I've ever seen. Tooley’s Trees is a retail and wholesale nursery in the beautiful Truchas, NM, on the highroad between Santa Fe and Taos, at 7,960’. They are also tree whisperers. If you don't live […]

Posted: May 17 2016
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acequia poem

Anyone who has farmed in New Mexico can tell you any myriad of stories about the acequia  culture that exists there. Acequias community-managed irrigation ditches that, when stopped up, flood fields along their length. This practice is centuries old and integral to the traditional ways of farming in the high desert of the region, and it closely dictates […]

Posted: May 10 2016
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for your pod bud ears

“And one of those farmer’s said, 'you know we can do this work. This is our lives. We have pride in what we do, this is hard work: building these terraces year after year for a thousand years. This is a part of our culture and that’s why we can do it.' Now, the whole […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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2016 apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture in the american west

Starting a career in regenerative agriculture? Want to develop technical skills in grassfed beef production, dairy management and cheesemaking, or heirloom fruit tree cultivation and holistic orchard management? The wonderful folks at the Quivira Coalition are seeking applicants for their New Agrarian Program's eight-month (March to Nov 2016) on-site apprenticeships at San Jaun Ranch in Alamosa, CO; James Ranch […]

Posted: October 25 2015
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seed week

Join us for SEED WEEK — a 5 day long convergence, teach-in and training for seed advocates. As land and seed stewards, we have a special responsibility to the seeds we’re growing. We recognize seed as both global, and highly localized commons — a common ecosystem of genetics, cultural relations, and the result of centuries of adaptation, and survival. We cherish […]

Posted: June 2 2015
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taos food center

What a great model! Taos Food Center Food is at the heart of the cultures and people of Northern New Mexico. The Taos Food Center is at the heart of TCEDC''s activities in supporting the people, cultures, and food of Northern New Mexico. The Taos Food Center is a 5,000 sq. ft. commercial kitchen that […]

Posted: May 6 2014
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register now for the quivira conference!

This year's Quivira Conference will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November. Register now!

Posted: June 15 2013
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seed-saving taco truck!

Check out these gals in New Mexico, they gather seed stories from people --> cultural memorybanking.

Posted: June 6 2013
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ranch jobs!

via the Quivera Coalition. Quivira Coalition – Land & Water Program Opportunity Summer Watershed Restoration Intern: Download the PDF for full job descrption & application. The Quivira Coalition seeks a 2013 summer intern who is passionate about land health to assist with a variety of tasks linked to our Comanche Creek Watershed Restoration project. The intern will work under […]

Posted: May 22 2013
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new mexico internship opportunity

Greetings from the Terrible High Desert! We have a unique opportunity to work on 3 farms located within 5 miles of each other near Abiquiu New Mexico in the Lower Chama River Valley.  We live and farm in a strange and fascinating cultural and historical area.  Drive across the highway to an unexcavated Tewa pueblo abandoned […]

Posted: April 8 2013
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farm internship in new mexico

We are looking for a Farm Intern to assist our Base Camp's Farm Manager and Educator in caring for our high altitude vegetable garden and a flock of hens, while offering daily educational activities for our ‘trekkers’ ages 10 to 18. The Farm Intern should have experience or willingness to learn about organic gardening and […]

Posted: March 11 2013
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job in new mexico

La Semilla Food Center is seeking an experienced organic Farm Manager to oversee daily production operations of La Semilla Youth Farm. The Farm Manager will be responsible for ensuring diversified vegetable and fruit production of 3-5 acres in year one, with increasing production in subsequent years. The mission of La Semilla Youth Farm is to increase access […]

Posted: December 2 2012
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NYFC seeks a western organizer!

A great opportunity to work with the National Young Farmers' Coalition in the Colorado River Basin. COLORADO RIVER BASIN ORGANIZER The National Young Farmers’ Coalition seeks a full-time Colorado River Basin Organizer to build 7 new young farmers coalition affiliates in Colorado River Basin states (AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, UT, WY) and promote various […]

Posted: June 19 2012
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job posting at camino de paz school - new mexico

Farm Manager Position (Horticulture) – Camino de Paz School & Farm Contact Info: Horticulture Manager is responsible for 2 acres of year-round produce production (includes 5,000 sq ft of greenhouses), 2 acres of fruit, 4 acres pasture and wildlife. Directs a daily work crew of 2 to 4 adolescents for 1 hr of field […]

Posted: January 5 2012
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a great precedent

facilitated networking between farmers and landowners. SO RELEVANT. so visionary. So Southwest! Quivira Coalition’s “New Agrarian Career Connection” Tuesday, November 9, 2011 @ 6:30-8:30 pm Embassy Suites, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Posted: September 28 2011
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NYFC + greenhorns in santa fe

Join the National Young Farmers' Coalition on Sunday, Oct. 2 in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a FREE New Agrarian Farm Tour & Mixer!! *Meet at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion at 7am (sharp), and then carpool to Taos, NM to tour the Taos County Economic Development Corporation (TCEDC) facility with a special Mobile […]

Posted: September 27 2011
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young agrarians in NM

QUIVIRA COALITION 10TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE: NEW AGRARIANS  Quivira Coalition is proud to present our 10th Anniversary Conference - NEW AGRARIANS: How the Next Generation of Leaders Tackle 21STCentury Challenges Tuesday - Thursday, November 8 - 10, 2011 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  What is New Agrarianism: “New Agrarianism is an ecological economy centered on food and land health that builds […]

Posted: June 2 2011
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quivera coalition conference

This conference is many months away, but you'll want it on your calendar.  They'll be focusing on young agrarians. November 8-10 Albuquerque, NM Quivira Coalition's 10th ANNUAL CONFERENCE This year's theme will focus on the challenges and possible solutions for ranching, farming and conservation in the future with special attention to the next generation.

Posted: January 19 2011