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job posting at camino de paz school - new mexico

Posted: January 5 2012

Farm Manager Position (Horticulture) – Camino de Paz School & Farm
Contact Info:  www.caminodepaz.net
Horticulture Manager is responsible for 2 acres of year-round produce production (includes 5,000 sq ft of greenhouses), 2 acres of fruit, 4 acres pasture and wildlife. Directs a daily work crew of 2 to 4 adolescents for 1 hr of field work and 30 minutes of related classroom instruction -- students rotate every 8 weeks. Working closely with the Farm Director, the manager and students develop the farm planting plan, and do the cultivation and harvesting.  Maintains relations with distribution channels & organic certification.  Horticulture Manager is one of several teachers that together develop the farm-school curriculum.  Other subject teachers include: dairy, poultry, sheep & goat and horse.  The farm curriculum is designed for age 11 and above.
At Camino de Paz Montessori Farm School, located 25 miles north of Santa Fe, N.M., adolescents participate fully in both farm management and operations. Students operate a Grade A goat dairy, attend farmers markets, distribute through co-ops, maintain a CSA and directly market products throughout northern New Mexico. The farm is horse powered and uses organic, biodynamic and permaculture principles. Visit our website: www.caminodepaz.net.
5 years profitable farm produce and fruit growing experience, team work and good communication skill, college degree.
Desired Skills:
Draft horse experience, bilingual Spanish, Montessori/Waldorf experience, NAMTA Adolescent certification.  Holistic Management, Permaculture, Biodynamic, CSA experience.
Commensurate, room & board, health insurance.
This is at a non-profit organization.

Santa Cruz, New Mexico