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Posted: June 15 2013

Adobe Photoshop PDFThis year's Quivira Conference will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November. Register now!

The Quivira Conference will explore the theme of INSPIRING ADAPTATION. From prehistoric times to the present, human societies have successfully adapted to the challenges of a changing West, including periods of severe drought, limitations created by scarce resources and shifting cultural and economic pressures. Now, the American West is entering an era of unprecedented change brought on by new climate realities, which will test our capacity for adaptation as well as challenge the resilience of the region's native flora and fauna. It is therefore paramount that we find and share inspiring ideas and practical strategies that help all of the region's inhabitants adapt to a rapidly changing world.
We will hear from scientists, ranchers, farmers, conservationists, urban planners and others who have bright ideas and important tools to share from their adaptation toolbox.
This year's amazing line-up of speakers includes a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and winners of a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, a MacArthur "genius" grant, a Pew Fellowship in Conservation and Environment, the Stewart L. Udall Award for Conservation, a Guggenheim Fellow, two Society for Range Management awards, and six Clarence Burch and Radical Center awards from the Quivira Coalition!
Speakers include:
Gary Snyder, Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, Dr. Deborah Finch, Bill Zeedyk, and more
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